Why Journaling About Your Triggers is Important

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Do you ever realize you’re triggered but have no idea what the hell to do with the emotions and everything that’s flooding into awareness based on this trigger?

Ever wish you could have a simple solution to get clarity of your emotions and why you might feel a certain way?

I have an answer for you. No, I’m not gonna say “talk about it” or “talk to that person about it.” Sometimes that’s not the answer. Sometimes that leads us into more trouble than we could ever ask for. Especially when we really get to the bottom of our triggers. Sometimes we realize telling that person was completely unnecessary. Especially because we figured everything out on our own… Oh yeah! Guess what! You weren’t the problem… Ooops! My bad!

In this self-help blog, you’ll learn 5 reasons why journaling about your triggers is so important. These 5 tips can inspire you to start a journal today and let it transform your life into something more peaceful.

If you follow my other blogs, you know I love journaling. I think journaling is an amazing tool you can use for self-care and ultimately self-love. (Yes, self-care and self-love are different. I’m writing a blog about the difference. So be on the lookout.)

Journaling has been the ultimate game-changer for me. I’ve written in my journal about everything. In fact, I’m currently writing about my triggers, battling personal shame, and healing sexually. Which I hope to be able to share those journal prompts and how things turned out. I believe without my journal, I probably wouldn’t be as calm or as emotionally stable as I am right now. Especially with being 4 months -almost 5 months postpartum and a single mom.

Now, we know the answer to letting go of your triggers is journaling. I’m going to share with you why it’s important. Why it’s more important than talking to that person about your triggers who triggered you.

The Reasons

You can let all the emotions ride.
You can say whatever crazy sh*t comes to your mind without worrying about it. You can confess how angry and hurt you are without hurting someone. Without being worried about their feelings. You don’t even have to think twice. You can cuss, you can be vulgar, you can get it all out. Even if you don’t resolve anything, you’ll feel 100% better just based on this.

Maybe you don’t realize you’re triggered and you’re just writing about your day and then you can put a why to emotions that came up. This will help you identify you’re triggered and might help you address someone or clear up your emotions. It might even make the emotions go away. Sometimes we just need to know we’re triggered.

This is a big one! You can write out that you know and understand you’re triggered. Which leads to acceptance. This will help you work through the emotions rather than avoiding them or staying numb to the emotions. The emotions and triggers are there for one thing! Healing. If you can’t accept your triggers and the emotions associated with it, you’re just gonna end up with the same emotional storm until you deal. Accepting is the way to make the emotions and triggers subside.

Journaling can help you get clear on the why of the trigger and what to do about it. Because you’re not on the defense it helps you work through the emotions and thoughts putting you in a position to get clear on what’s truly going on with yourself.

You can heal the trigger.
Because you were clear on what happened, you can either forgive the person, forgive yourself and forgive your past right there in your journal. Or you might decide you do need to talk to that person. You can write what you want to say in the journal helping you have a conversation that will help resolve the issue rather than attacking the person. In other words, you take your power back over the trigger.

These are the reasons why journaling about your triggers is important. It will save you some heartache and might even help you communicate better in your relationships. Awareness is key but if you can write your way to healing, you will be able to have so much more peace in dealing with your emotions and your past.

Have questions? Can Relate? Have a story? Leave a comment below. Let’s connect.

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