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The Ultimate Freedom Program



You have a past that you would rather pretend didn't happen. You feel lost and stuck in a cycle. You wake up in the morning asking yourself, is this really my life?! 

You want to live in the present, but the stress and anxiety in your life are paralyzing. You want to let go of the pain from your past, but you fear feeling the same emotions. 

You want to conquer your fears and achieve your goals and become wildly successful, but you feel like you're not good enough, and you're an imposter. Your beliefs and mindset ruin every opportunity you've come across. Plus, your self-sabotage game is strong! So strong it's stopped you from achieving many goals. 

You've tried to overcome your fears, go on the self-discovery journey, heal your triggers, emotions, & past, but the amount of work it takes to get to heal & continuously step into some power you're supposed to have is exhausting! You just want to start living the life of your dreams-freedom, peace, and living in the present moment. 

The answers are everywhere, but how do you know what really works best for you?

This program is, and it's finally here. It's designed specifically for you! The 14 -Week Ultimate Freedom Program.

You live the life you've always dreamed of. You'll find freedom, peace and live in the present, accept who you are and your past & shift your mindset, so you have clarity on what you want, who you are, and what power you truly have. 

This coaching package offers 1:1 recorded calls, your specific Gene Key Chart, Human Design Chart, custom hypnosis, workbooks, 4-6 hours of TimeLine Therapy, NLP coaching program designed specifically for you, and access to me. All of it to help you let go of the pain, release, and start living your best life without all the hard work. 


 Look, I get it! I was right where you are! 4 years ago, I came out of a dark place and started a journey that brought me where I'm at today. I have a past that almost broke me, from sexual abuse to constant blackout drinking nights. I was successful on the outside, but I was dying on the inside. When I started journaling 4 years ago, everything changed. 

Today, I'm at peace with myself. I'm healed from my past completely, and I live in my personal power daily! I live a life of ultimate freedom and live my dream life!

I'm a certified Hypnotherapist, TimeLine Therapist, and NLP practitioner! 

My mission is to serve and give back to women who have suffered and show them that real, lasting change is possible!

This 14-week program is for women who are committed to their journey.

Women who are committed to self-discovery, healing from the past, and stepping into personal power! Women who are hungry for more and have a willingness to be open to themselves and to guidance that can help them along the way. Women who are ready to shed the victim mentality, learn their passion and purpose, and begin again. This is for women who want to strive for their dream life that was always meant to be theirs. This program is for women who want to put in the work and step out of their comfort zone and make things happen! This is for you, if you've had enough, you're tired of feeling the way you feel, you're stressed out, you want more, and you know there is more! This is for you if you want to live the life of your dreams and have freedom now!

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 Here's what to expect with the 14-week Ultimate Freedom program:

1:1 calls recorded and sent to you!
1-Human Design Chart- specifically for you
1- Gene Key Chart- specifically for you
1-Custom hypnosis - designed to help you let go and reprogram for the ultimate mindset shift
4 Workbooks
4-6 hours of TimeLine Therapy
8 Weeks of personal support towards your goals with NLP coaching.
Personal access to me to guide you through your questions and more. 


When you finish your last call, I give you 2 weeks entirely free for any questions, coaching time, and more. That's a $400 value for free. 

Q: What is Human Design Chart?
A: This chart is accessed through your date of birth, time, and where you were born. Showing how your energy operates. 

Q: How is Human Design Chart beneficial?
A: It shows you how you can maintain your energy, how to respond when life decisions come up, and how to take care of yourself. 

Q: What is Gene Key Chart?
A: The Gene Key Chart is designed with your date of birth, time and where you were born to show you a blueprint of your life's work, your purpose, what type of people you attract in your life, and what self-care works best for you!

Q: How long is each call?
A: One hour to two hours

Q: What is hypnosis exactly?
A: Hypnosis is a relaxed state that helps you access your unconscious mind. You won't get brainwashed, nor will you be asked to do things out of your character. 

Q: If I have questions throughout the week, can I access you?
A: Absolutely! I will provide that information when we first start. 

Q: What if I'm not happy?
A: I will give you back your money. However, you have to show you put in the work, participated in the calls, and committed. I can't force you to do anything that you're genuinely not ready to do. 

Q: Is there a Facebook Group?
A: As of right now, no. However, if there are requests from my clients for a community, I will gladly create one. 

Q: How many clients can you take?
A: 5 slots are available at a time.

Q: What's the price?
A: Right now, I have a BETA price of $1,100 that won't last long!


I'm more than willing to give you a full refund of your money if you're not satisfied. However, you have to prove that you've put in the work, done the exercises outside of our calls, listened to the hypnosis, and fully participated in the calls and done what you can to make the change happen but still feel like you do not have any results. I don't believe you'll need this, although it's available.

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