Single and Pregnant: Nesting Edition

When you’re a first-time expecting mom you don’t realize that other expecting moms were seriously telling the truth about things… until you’re prego.  It’s like: Oh!  They were right!  Like pregnancy brain!  Seriously!  Sometimes I can’t remember my name or which way is right and left. And which street to turn down even though I live down the street! The other one is nesting.  I seriously want to clean everything all the time.  Sometimes I even wear myself out from cleaning.  (I know!  I am not supposed to.) But it’s like you get into this mood and you start cleaning and before you know it you’ve been cleaning for 4 hours!  Sure, I would have cleaned like that not pregnant but not freely like I have been.

Nesting is actually a big deal because you’re essentially getting your house ready for the new addition and you want things to be perfect! If you’re anything like me, or in a similar boat your house wasn’t baby ready at all.  I seriously lived a bachelorette lifestyle.  I only had a few things on the wall but I was also planning on moving so I didn’t want to add anything more.  Needless to say, my house needed a lot of work.  And I needed to get busy quickly.  Plus being single.  I needed to figure out how I was going to do this without overdoing it.  And keeping it within in a budget.

I’m not quite finished.  Just a few things left.  Which will take place after the baby showers at the end of June. But I am so close and my house actually feels like a home!  And in the middle of all this I knew I wanted to provide some tips to other mommies to be.  Especially single mommies that are about to have their first child and feel a little overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done! (Just a little note: I purchased pretty much everything through Amazon.  Please excuse my photography skills.  Definitely not my calling.)

Here are my 3 tips on nesting.  I believe with these tips it doesn’t matter if you’re single or not.  These tips can be used by any expecting mother.

1. Write down everything you want to do and buy.  I practically had to start over.  I wrote everything down.  And of course, when I finished it, I crossed it off the list of completion.  Just a little hint: it helps to go room by room.  For example, I started with the kitchen and those projects.  And moved on as needed. See my list below as an example.

Single and Pregnant: Nesting Edition  Example to do list

2. Do a little bit at a time.  Make time for it. Even if it’s just a small project daily or once a week.  Each weekend, even still to this day, I do some cleaning or I would buy certain things and hang them up.  This way I wasn’t so exhausted.  And being single and pregnant it would give me something to do during the weekends. Try not to overdo it. If you do, make sure to get plenty of rest.  I did over do it a couple of times.  I would take long naps and rest the next day.  I would try to make sure to do the big projects on Saturday so I could relax and recover the next day.

Single and Pregnant: Nesting Edition  Example picture

3. Ask for help. This is vital if you’re single and pregnant.  But it’s just as important for any expecting mother.  You don’t want to lift too much and you don’t want to overdo it.  Especially in your 3rd trimester.  It’s important that you ask your community for help.  Ask them for help with hanging things up, moving things, taking things to donation etc. This will help you get more done but it will help with how much has to be done.  And it’s okay to ask for your help. 

These tips are essential to getting it all done before your bundle of joy shows up!  All you have to do is write everything down so you don’t forget.  That helps with the crazy pregnancy brain. Do a little at a time and buy a little at a time.  This will help you with stress, time management plus your budget.  And lastly ask for help.  You might want to do everything, momma, but the thing is you can’t.  And that’s okay!

Single and Pregnant: Nesting Edition  3 quick tips

Have a story?  Can relate?  Have a question?  Comment below.  Let’s connect.