Custom Hypnosis

Custom Hypnosis


This one to one session is designed to help you through one problem you’re currently experiencing in your life. Go through the 45-minute mingling session then receive a custom hypnosis that you can play on your time, in your space. Helping with your problem one relaxed state a time.

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You want change, you want change to happen quickly, & you would love if that change could happen quickly!

I bet you’ve experienced self-sabotage, you want to solve particular problems but just can’t seem to get there, and you’ve tried over and over to change habits, but nothing seems to work! What you’re currently doing isn’t enough maybe there’s an internal conflict, and perhaps there just isn’t enough time in the world to make the lasting change!

I get it! I was there! 4 years ago when I started this journey of self-improvement and reinventing myself, and working through my shadows, I had one problem right after the other. It took me months to work through, months to kill a habit! I was miserable. I want things to work quickly, and I wanted lasting change! I was committed to the work, but changing habits was a nightmare for me!

Until I was introduced to hypnosis! Everything changed quickly! Plus I’m almost stress- free! Yes, stress-free plus my habits and my problems have melted away!

I knew I had to help people with the same thing! So, I got my certification in hypnotherapy to give back what it has done for me!

Today, I offer the same opportunity. Changing your habits, solving your problems in a relaxed state. That’s it! All you have to do is lay back and relax, and your unconscious mind will positively reprogram and help you achieve and do what you would like it to do!

Imagine changing habits one relaxed state at a time!

It’s possible! Change can happen now!

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What to expect…

Each custom hypnosis involves a 45-minute “mingling” session or an interview session. So, I can get to know you and the problem you’re working on. This will also give you the opportunity to have any questions answered about hypnosis. Within 48 hours I then record, edit, create, and send you an audio of the hypnosis and you can listen to it as many time as you would like. Includes lifetime access.