Soul Awakening Self-Love: The Journal Prompts

Soul Awakening Self-Love: The Journal Prompts


Self-love is all about acceptance. Acceptance of yourself. Acceptance of the bad, the good and the beautiful. Acceptance that life is not perfect, but you treat yourself like it is.

Do you accept yourself? Do you struggle with being awre of yourself? Do you struggle with knowing who you are?

These journal prompts are for you! These prompts ignite your path of the journey to self-love! Start today, show yourself your light and your love!

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Soul Awakening Self-love isn’t just about a self-care routine you should implement in your life. Self-love is about being aware, accepting, and embracing all things about you.  Yes, all things. Things you try to hide, things you don’t like, things you love, ALL of it. This  includes your physical body.  That doesn’t mean you can’t change things you don’t like. It just means you love yourself no matter what.  You’re not attached to the outcomes outside of you.  You truly embrace who you are and your uniqueness.  Regardless of what society tells you is beautiful.

Sometimes, we don’t realize we’ve rejected certain aspects of ourselves because of life long conditioning.  These journal prompts are meant to help you dig up the bad, the good and beautiful, so you can love the whole you.  No matter where you’re at on this journey.

We all do things that we wish we didn’t do, or we reacted differently, or wish we weren’t triggered.   This isn't about hiding those things or beating ourselves up about it.  It’s about illuminating our true self to ourselves.  So we know how to navigate in this world.  So we know  our truth regardless of the noise around us.  We know who we are without validation from others but by acceptance and love of our self.  Making it possible to stop seeking answers outside of us but start seeking inside of us for answers.  Self-love is only the beginning of those answers.  Be aware, accept and embrace yourself with self-love because this is the just the beginning of the most beautiful soul awakening transformation.