How the Power of You Course Helped Me!

About 2 years ago, I started watching and listening to motivational videos on YouTube to get me through my work day.  It was actually the start of some serious transformation!  I just remember thinking I wanted to be exactly like Tony Robbins but the woman version.   I wanted to go around the world and speak to people and change people’s lives the way he does.  I thought there doesn’t seem to be a woman version of him. 

Then a few days later I remember hearing her voice, “You’re never gonna feel like it…” And she goes on in this motivational video.  And I thought who is that!?  She’s saying some real sh*t.  I could never figure out who she was because it wasn’t just a video of her.   But for some reason I knew that’s who I should look out for. 

A few days later there was a video on YouTube that popped up with her on it.  And I was like omgosh!  That’s her!  So I watched the video then consumed her TedX talk and I was seriously amazed.  Within that same week Lewis Howes was co-hosting a show with her!  Of course, I watched!  I was stunned.  I was like I love this lady!  If you don’t have any idea who I am talking about, her name is Mel Robbins.   And she has been on world-wide tours and has changed people’s lives with her book The 5 Second Rule.  Which I have listened to on audio.  Worth it! 

Anyway she was launching her new course called the Power of You!  I watched all the way through that live video hooked to the screen.  I decided I was going to take the course.  And if I joined within 15 minutes there were bonuses and all sorts of stuff.  And I saw the price and thought, well sh*t!  I’m not sure if I can do this.  But luckily there was a payment plan that barely fit my budget, at the time.  So I leaped and did it!  I made my first payment.  And let me tell you, I have never once been disappointed that I made that investment.  In fact, I loved the course so much that I joined for 2 rounds of it! I want to share with you how this course helped change my life!  Yes!  It literally helped change my life!  (Yes, there are going to be links so that you can join the course too!  And I will receive a small commission if you decide to move forward with the course, but I would write about this course regardless. After all, I am a fan girl of Mel Robbins!)

How the Power of You Course Helped Me!

How the Power of You Course Helped Me:

  1. The knowledge that was provided throughout the course. So you’re probably thinking Wow! That’s noble of you. But not only do you get a self-pace course, but after about 2 weeks you get a check in from Mel every day! It’s amazing. Not only do you get that but there is a workbook that goes along with it. And she’ll do live videos or pics or whatever for each day. These posts are full of information that will help you! And she does the course along with you. Yes! She’s not just saying sh*t. She does the class with you, struggles with you. Because let’s face it, doing something every single day and keeping yourself accountable is tough! But she provides so much info and insight that it makes it enjoyable to move along.

  2. The insights on feelings. This might sound a little crazy to you, but what she says is true. You’re never gonna feel like doing the things that you need to do. For example when I decided to join Toastmasters I was excited about it, but when the day came to go, I dreaded every damn second of it until the meeting started and it ended and I left. LOL! And even to this day, I still battle with “feeling like” going. She provides information on how to combat that and helps you understand that discipline is more important than motivation. Omgosh! What? Yes! Discipline and routine will carry you through because most of the time motivation fails you! Not only does she explain this but she also provides useful info on controlling anxiety and beating depression! (Interested yet? Take a peek here.)

  3. Learning to relax and do things for myself. I bet you’re thinking she talks about this stuff all the time. Yes, I do. But sometimes I get so caught up in the go, go, go that I would forget how important it is to take a timeout. And you know what? In that timeout I would have bright ideas that would help me write blogs and posts etc! She even gives you some great ideas on how to relax, if that really isn’t your thing! Which is okay! A lot of us are like that!

  4. Creating a morning routine without the snooze button! Yep! Without. I don’t know about you, but I was guilty of hitting the snooze button at least 3 times before I had to get up to get ready for work. With this course, I not only stopped using the snooze button but I would wake up 30 minutes earlier and do things for myself. Yes! That even means you, moms! 30 minutes without my phone or the tv and I would dive in. It would make my day more productive, I would feel better throughout the day and I would have a better day altogether! This alone made the course worth the investment! (Again, if you’re interested- click here.)

  5. The community. This is certainly not last in my eyes. I think one of the most important! The groups have been amazing and supportive and everyone has so many things going on and you literally get to watch their transformation. Inspiring you to do more, to do better. To not let anyone down. Doesn’t mean you don’t have bad days or anything. It just means you have a network of people that are trying to accomplish the same thing you are! And I have met so many great people in the community. People that I still speak with today. And that alone was worth the investment.

The Power of You course was amazing every time I took it.  I even started doing live videos on my Facebook page after the course!  I signed up for Toastmasters, stopped hitting the snooze and made some amazing connections!  Plus I still have access to live monthly training with Mel!  Which is so cool!  So it’s like you never stop being apart of the community or lose Mel as a coach.  I would highly recommend this course, if you get caught up in your own thoughts of “I can’t,” if you hit the snooze button, if you struggle with anxiety, or struggle with wanting to do sh*t period!  This course is worth every penny.  And it can truly change your life as it has changed mine!  If you’re interested- click here.