Hi, I’m Angela!

You deserve to live a full, happy and free life without fear or limitations.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help women like you heal their past and renew their present so they can look forward to their future.

I know all too well how much trauma from the past can affect every aspect of your daily life and I’m here to tell you there’s hope.

I use a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy to help women who are feeling trapped and defeated get unstuck and become unstoppable. I can help you heal your past, find your purpose and thrive.

Let me help you turn a traumatic past into power.

It Starts Today

Reclaim Your Life.
Step Into Your Power.

What if I told you there was a way to heal all of the trauma from your past so you could step more fully into the present and…

  • have better sex
  • build more fulfilling relationships
  • improve your health and happiness
  • boost your financial potential and confidence

…and so much more?

Your past does NOT have to define you. You CAN break free, reclaim your life and step into your power.

Take the first step on your healing journey now and unleash your inner Badass Warrior Goddess today. Start healing the trauma from your past by signing up for my healing series below.

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    10 Signs Unhealed Trauma is Impacting Your Life

    10 Signs Unhealed Trauma is Impacting Your Life

    10 signs unhealed trauma impacts your life, is a self-help article that provides 10 tips to help you become aware of trauma and its impact. Learn how trauma might create isolation, lack of trust and so on so that you can start healing from trauma today.

    Take the first step to healing from a traumatic past by signing up for my free email healing series today.

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