Mom Life

Each section provides details of the journey I am currently on. Single Mom Life is meant to provide you with insights on how to heal during the stages of motherhood, tips I’ve learned with caring for a child and so much more. Healing to me is most important because it’s difficult to heal yourself single, it’s another to heal yourself with a partner. It’s a whole different world when you heal yourself as a mother. These sections aren’t just for single moms who are healing. This section is for every mom who wants to reflect on themselves and change their life for the better… as a woman, as a wife (or not), and as a mom. I truly believe we can heal the world and we can do it by healing one woman at a time.


Single and Pregnant

Step into the journey with Angela, the founder of, of being a first time mom-to-be as a single lady. Learn about some of the most importnt lessons she’s learned, get some ideas on self-care nesting and so much more during her pergnancy journey.

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Single Mom

Step into the journey with Angela as she transitions into being a single mom. Learn simple ways to adjust, get ideas on how to co-parent, accepting the after-baby body, and so much more on her new lifetime journey of motherhood.



Step into the ultimate recovery and healing journey with Angela. These blogs will share deep personal stories and insights as she continue to recover from childhood sexual abuse and being mother of a daughter. Learn ways to accept your triggers and fears.