Mind-Blowing Secrets That Will Change the Way You Think About Journaling

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Ever have so many thoughts in your head you feel overwhelmed, under pressure, scattered, stressed, and unable to think?

Ever have emotions that are so uncontrollable you feel like you might need to hide from the world so you don’t explode? You feel like maybe your feelings shouldn’t be mentioned aloud? Feel like people won’t understand?

Me too. I think I have felt this way more often than I would like to admit. In my years of transformation, I have learned the best thing to do is get these emotions out in the air and feel better. And I believe the answer is journaling.

It has helped [and still does] tremendously.

Today, I write in my journal pretty much every day. I write in it to organize my thoughts, my ideas, my struggles etc. I do it to release whatever stress and emotions that I have been holding on to. It really helps the chaos in my head.

As a INTP personality type (“thinker”), I have so many thoughts that cloud my mind that sometimes I just need an area where I can let it all out without judgment.

Today, I just want to let you know why writing in a journal can be amazing for your life. And here’s why…

Why You Need to Start Journaling

You’re probably asking yourself why you should start journaling because let’s face it, journaling really sounds like your 12-year-old self fighting your siblings off from opening your diary and finding out about your crush. So I’m going to list some reasons why it’s much deeper and more beneficial than you think.

It helps get your thoughts on paper.
Which actually translates to less stress. Because most of us have so much going on in our mind, it can be overwhelming and cause stress. I read somewhere that some people have up to 80 thousand thoughts per day! (That’s a boat load!) And truthfully, this kind of stress is not something you need in your life. Especially if it’s preventable.

A journal helps address emotional triggers, your past, and your breakups.
I.e., it can help you move on. Because you can write freely, you’re truly in a position to write whatever comes to your mind. You can truly release anger, tension, and sadness. And even leverage forgiveness with a journal. And the major plus, I think it helps you get back in control of your emotions. Which is huge!

It can help you build higher self-esteem.
I am sure you’re thinking, is that possible? Yes. Yes it is. Actually, because it’s getting your thoughts down on paper, you create space in your mind to make an effort in changing. You are now in a position to make some changes. You can also use positive and high self-esteem writing prompts. This way you see only positive things if you look back on it. Plus writing is like imprinting on your mind. It helps you remember things, etc.

To add to high self-esteem, you can also write affirmations, mantras, goals, manifestations, etc.
This can be really powerful if you’re into manifesting. (And actually, I use my journal to pray. You could always do that too, if that’s what you desire.)

You can look back at your journal and read your past.
How often can you seriously do something like that? I mean really? Most of us can’t even remember what we did 3 weeks ago. Let alone 1 year ago. So it’s something that you can really look back on. Sometimes that can be really hard. There were some journals I looked back on- YIKES! Talk about tear jerkers. But looking back can help you grow. And it gives you an opportunity to be grateful for your present.

It’s Really Your Personal Journey

The point of the journal is to document your journey. Document your life. Not because you feel like you need to be famous or cool but so you can have something to really evaluate where you are now and how you’re going to keep going in your journey. You don’t need prompts to write. You can write about so many things. I seriously don’t think you can go wrong with a journal. Really, what are the cons? It getting found? If it is found, it’s your feelings and if someone says something to you… well truthfully, they shouldn’t have gone through it.

Get Started with These Journaling Ideas

Anyway, if you’re one of those girls that struggles with what to write about here are some ideas:

1. Just thoughts. Just whatever comes to mind.

2. Any negativity. Whether it’s from you or someone else.

3. Positivity. Whether it’s from you or someone else.

4. Daily happenings – helps with stress.

5. Anything that bothers you from your past – helps with emotional triggers.

6. Business or home life – helps with stress. Also personal and professional growth.

7. Manifestations – things you want to bring into your life.

8. Your goals – any goals you’re working toward or want to achieve.

9. Goal evaluations/progress checks.

10. Crazy stories.

11. Happy stories.

12. Dreams.

13. Anything!!

Additional Information About Journaling

So your journal can be fancy or it can be from the Dollar Store. It seriously doesn’t matter. It’s up to you and whatever you want. But note that the idea is to make you want to write in it. So if you like fancy, cute journals, then get one. Get one so you can fit it in your bag/purse/backpack and write in it the second you have a chance.

Whatever you have to do to write in it, do it! Be consistent. This is key. Writing in it once a month is not going to be very beneficial if you are after growth and stress management.

When you are looking back on your journal, if it depresses you, if it triggers you, then don’t read it. It most likely means you’re not ready to go back and read those pages of your journey.

You need to keep moving along so that you can be in a position to see your growth. Use the journal to fulfill your life. Or to maintain your sanity. You certainly don’t want the opposite. Otherwise what’s the point?

Tying It Together

So no matter what you want or need to write about, do it! Just write until you can’t write anymore. Write about any topic. Write about it until you can’t see through the tears. I know that’s tough. I know that sucks. But you need it!! (I have lost count of the times I have done this. It’s heartbreaking just to type that. But after millions of heartbreaks from millions of different of things, I can promise that, if you write in your journal consistently, it will ease the pain.)

It’s like putting yourself in the hands of your journal, or the universe, or God, or your creator – whatever you believe is perfect! By doing this, you grow as a person because you’re able to move on from things. Which is part of being free and having peace within yourself. Not only will you have less pain, but you can also build higher self-esteem by entering positive words into your journal. And remember the things you say to yourself resonates and so do the things you write.

Building higher self-esteem is one of the most important things in building a vision for your life. It helps so that you can find yourself and find that vision and that passion and live a life that you truly want for yourself. In the end, journaling really can change your life for the better. Especially if you consistency use it as an opportunity to release and organize.

Take Action

It’s time to take action. So get a journal, use your laptop or your phone. Whatever works. Start writing now. Get started. I challenge you to write in your journal for 30 days. It’s possible to make it a habit. Give it a try. And if you accept the challenge, feel free to share on socials. Use the #asfreeasyousee hashtag. I would love to cheer you on. And if you know anyone that would benefit from this, please feel free to spread the love 😊.

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