Why Journaling Must Be Your Go-To Self-Care Habit As a Successful Female

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I bet you already have a self-care routine.

You probably wake up early in the morning, get your fitness on, set intentions, get your coffee, and get your day going!

You’re busy. You’re successful, and you got shit to do.

You really don’t need to add to your routine because you have a full schedule and seriously, if you could buy more time, you would.

On the flip side, you’re busy, and you have things to do, but you’re feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied with your career and life right now.

On the outside, everything looks Insta perfect, but you’re literally dying inside. You believed having all that success and having more money was the answer. Yet here you are, feeling like it’s not enough. Like this can’t be your life.

I get it.

I was there four years ago. Struggling to understand how the promotions and the money weren’t enough. How every single level I hit wasn’t enough to make me happy, it wasn’t enough to keep me at peace with myself.

This is why I went on the self-discovery journey. The journey made me look in the mirror, and my life transformed.

Journaling Was The Turning Point For Me

Today, I’m here to tell you that the day I decided to pick up a journal changed everything. I still use it today. I figured myself out, healed my past, and let go of un-serving people and situations in my life. I started to focus and get clear on what I wanted.

Each day, I felt more and more content and fulfilled with my life and where I was going. Journaling was a significant component of this. This is why I promote journaling so much, especially for my one-to-one clients.

Before I give you my top 3 reasons why you need to make journaling a habit, I want to share the benefits of journaling.

Benefits of Journaling

  1. Clear and organize your thoughts
  2. Learn to respond rather than react throughout the day
  3. Feeling more peaceful
  4. More ideas flow
  5. You create more white space in your brain to think clearer and gain more ideas
  6. You get to know yourself on a deeper level
  7. You work through your triggers
  8. You work through your emotions

This is just to name a few.

Now, here are the top reasons why you need to make journaling a habit today to up-level your success.

Top 3 Reasons to Make Journaling a Habit Today

1. You get everything out in the open.
As ladies, we have some emotions we can’t explain. It’s helpful to release all feelings and thoughts in a safe place where you aren’t judged. Writing can do that for you. It allows you to get everything out in the open. Say those nasty things you’re holding onto.

It makes you feel better, it helps keep you calm the rest of the day, and your thoughts aren’t all over the place. Which allows for more white space. Which enables you to be more creative. Which is a chance to see more opportunities and go for them because your mind is so clear. This helps you up-level because you’re in control of your mind. Let’s face it, our minds tend to put us in a shit show sometimes. Having control of our thoughts is one of the most powerful things you can do as a successful woman.

2. You get to know yourself and what you truly want.
Sometimes we have so much going on that we forget to check in with ourselves. We forget that our hearts should really lead the way, but we rely so much on logic we forget to make sure we’re following our passion and purpose in this life.

Journaling allows you to stay in touch with yourself and your heart and what you really want to do with this life. This helps you up-level because when you do things you’re passionate about, the financial abundance comes in avalanches because you don’t focus on the work per se, you focus on what you love. The universe rewards focusing on love!

3. Epic new ideas come through.
The more you write, the more you allow yourself to explore. This exploration allows for fresh creative juices to help you with the next big up-level. It allows you to explore your brilliant ideas in a safe place and really work things out.

When you’re journaling, you allow any download to come through and let the idea flow. When a spark of genius happens, you can go back and keep writing. This helps you stay organized with that thought, but it also enables you to keep track of these brilliant ideas that would otherwise simply leave our minds.

Having a space to allow this enables you to work on the things you’re passionate about. This helps you feel fulfilled. When you feel this way, you up-level and breakthrough.

These are the reasons why you want to get a journal and start writing. You want that dream life, you want that personal freedom. Get to know yourself, queen. The only person that’s holding you back is you.

The more you get in touch with yourself on a deeper level, the more you’ll breakthrough invisible ceilings. The more powerful you’ll become. The more you lose the lost, stuck, and frustrated feeling. The more you feel passionate and fulfilled in your life and your career.

I firmly believe journaling as your self-care go-to is the number one way to becoming an unstoppable female leader!

Let me know your thoughts below.

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