Triggers Journal

Triggers Journal


Have you become more aware of your triggers but don’t know what to do with them? With this freebie not only can you identify your triggers but you’ll be able to work them out on paper, identify your emotions, and learn when the trigger first took place in your life. Putting you in a position to release your triggers to have a more peaceful life.

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Triggers are a downfall of living through trauma, your childhood, school or just living in general.  Most of  us take on defeating thoughts without even knowing we do. Most of thoughts from our childhood which lead us into some pretty messy situations as adults. 

When people do or say things we react without understanding we’re actually reacting from our past not the current situation. 

This journal is meant to help you breakdown any trigger(s) so you not only understand it but also understand where it originated. Making triggers easier to accept and heal.  Doesn’t mean you won’t be triggered again about the same thing, but it does mean you can find a way to cope with your triggers. Helping you live a more peaceful life. Maybe putting you in position to  forgive your parents, other family members, an ex, or yourself.

Before you move on with this work, healing triggers isn’t easy and there is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to healing your past especially emotions from trauma that changed our being.  Healing triggers is really for the committed and true solution seekers.  Doesn’t mean no one can do it, it just means  not everyone wants to, because it’s a lot easier to deny there are any problems to begin with.

With a little effort and time, healing triggers can change you, make you feel more peaceful, make you feel better about yourself, and help you accept and forgive yourself.