Why Observation Matters if You Want to Up-level as a Female Leader

You know that feeling when you're standing around a bunch of people, and you're thinking, is this really my life?  It seems so successful to others, but I feel lost and stuck inside. What’s wrong with me?

You thought more money, success, new car, new everything would make you feel better and change everything.  Yet for whatever reason, you feel unfulfilled and not sure what to change or where to start.

You’ve come to the right place.

How is that?

I’ve been there.  Feeling like this can’t be it.  There’s no way.  I want more.  I want to feel alive.  It wasn’t until 4 years ago, I learned that I was holding myself back from the things I’ve really wanted.  My dream life -my personal freedom.

During this journey, what I like to call a self-discovery journey, I learned one of the most powerful tools you can use to up-level your life.

It’s observation.

Before I get into the details of observation, I want to share the benefits.

Are you struggling to see what’s blocking you from the next up-level?  check out this self-help blog and learn the top 3 reasons why observation is such a powerful tool for boss babes.  Rad the blog and shift today.

Benefits of Observation

  • A clear understanding of where you're at

  • Where you need boundaries

  • Where you need to let go

  • What relationships are thriving

  • What connections you should let go of

  • Where you want to improve

  • See your triggers

  • See your emotions

  • See the happenings throughout the day without judgment

Those are just to name a few.

What is observation?

A tool to see where you want to improve or change like habits, behaviors, relationships, etc.  Which should be used without judgment.

What do you do?

For 3-7 days, you write down everything that you experience throughout the day.  Then at the end of the week, you see what you've written down then start making improvements based on what you observed.

You might think, what does this have to do with up-leveling?  Below are 3 reasons why you want to use observation to up-level,

Are you struggling to see what’s blocking you from the next up-level?  check out this self-help blog and learn the top 3 reasons why observation is such a powerful tool for boss babes.  Read the blog and shift today.

3 Reasons Why You Want to Use Observation to Up-level

  1. You can see who and what is holding you back.  Sometimes there are things and people holding us back, and we don't even realize it.  When you use observation, you can see interactions and relationships. You can see what’s helping you up-level and what’s preventing you from doing so.  Maybe it's your feed on the socials that are causing you to react throughout your life. Perhaps it's that toxic relationship with your friend from 1st grade.  You don't need that in your life, because it's holding you back by positively using that energy and taking away your power.   When you see who and what is holding you back, you have the opportunity to change the trajectory of these relationships.  Which puts you in a powerful position to choose what you want to do. Creating the opportunity to up-level.

  2. You can see which areas in your life you want to improve.  If you haven’t read my blog about 4 aspects of self, check it out here.  When you observe your days, you learn which areas need improvement.  Maybe you feel like your spiritual life is lacking.  Then you can put something into practice that helps you become more present. This will help you up-level because you can silence your mind and let the creativity flow to you effortlessly.  Focusing on any 4 areas of your life is an opportunity for growth.  Any chance you have to improve,  take it. Stepping out of your comfort zone is an automatic up-level.

  3. You start to follow your heart and trust yourself.  You can read my blog, here, about following your heart.  When you observe, you can see that you can really trust yourself and your heart.  Your heart knows your deepest desires, not your logical mind.  When you follow your heart, you’re following your true passion and purpose.  Which causes you to feel more fulfilled.  Plus, you start trusting the decisions you make, and that makes you powerful.  You need to be able to follow your heart and trust yourself if you’re going to up-level and transform your life.

Observation is the key to up-leveling change.  If you don't know where to do start, start with observation because it allows you to see your life and what's going on objectively.  Try not to judge yourself but learn what's holding you back, where improvements need to take place, and how to start following your heart.

Let me know your thoughts below.


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