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Single Mom: How to Deal with NOT Breastfeeding When You Wanted to

In this how-to blog, learn how to deal with the inability to breastfeed postpartum. Learn 5 tips that can help you through feelings and triggers of failure and inadequacy during your special time as a mother.

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Recovery: A letter to Non-Victims- Why Speaking Up isn’t so Black and White

Warning: May cause triggers.

This childhood sexual abuse recovery blog is a letter to all non-victims of the trauma. The letter explains why speaking up or telling someone or the polic, ins’t that easy Why it’s something like this is painful for some survivors. This blog entails personal details plus a request to all non-victims of sexual trauma

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How to Deal with Triggers

Ever have trouble coming back from an argument or a situation? Learn what that really means and how to handle it. In this blog you’ll learn how to identify you’ve been triggered, learn to embrace those triggers, and how to let it go. This is a self-help, how-to blog to help yoou accept yourself and your wounds.

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Single and Pregnant: Recovery- When Survivors Give Birth

Take a look at this blog which recommends a highly useful book for ucoming mothers who have suffered sexual abuse. This blog gives an inside look on how to communicate with providers, staff, and your partner. Learn self-help techinues and so much more. Read the blog, ready the book and help prevent traumas and triggers before and during your labor.

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