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Recovery: My Personal Battle with Shame

In this recovery blog go behind the scenes with Angela’s personal battle with shame and how shame impacted her entire life. Learn how shame from childhood sexual abuse can manifest for years and cause more shame, if the pain goes unhealed.

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Recovery: A letter to Non-Victims- Why Speaking Up isn’t so Black and White

Warning: May cause triggers.

This childhood sexual abuse recovery blog is a letter to all non-victims of the trauma. The letter explains why speaking up or telling someone or the polic, ins’t that easy Why it’s something like this is painful for some survivors. This blog entails personal details plus a request to all non-victims of sexual trauma

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Recovery: Single Mom Edition- How to Handle Triggers During Postpartum

In this recovery blog we’re going behind the scenes of how Angela handles postpartum triggers related to childhood sexual abuse. She shares 3 personal stories of her first month of postpartum. Plus how to cope with the triggers. Read the blog to learn how you, too, can cope with triggers, if you’ve suffered from sexual trauma as a child or an adult.

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