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Why Observation Matters if You Want to Up-level as a Female Leader

Are you struggling to see what’s blocking you from the next up-level? check out this self-help blog and learn the top 3 reasons why observation is such a powerful tool for boss babes. Read the blog and shift today.

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How to Deal with Triggers

Ever have trouble coming back from an argument or a situation? Learn what that really means and how to handle it. In this blog you’ll learn how to identify you’ve been triggered, learn to embrace those triggers, and how to let it go. This is a self-help, how-to blog to help yoou accept yourself and your wounds.

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One of the Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned in My Life

Take inside look on what repeating old habits means and really looks like.  This blog takes you behind the scences of what a healing journey can do while your pregnant.  Learn what these cycles might man for you and why it's important to break these habits and cycles. 

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