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Recovery: Single Mom Edition- How to Handle Triggers During Postpartum

In this recovery blog we’re going behind the scenes of how Angela handles postpartum triggers related to childhood sexual abuse. She shares 3 personal stories of her first month of postpartum. Plus how to cope with the triggers. Read the blog to learn how you, too, can cope with triggers, if you’ve suffered from sexual trauma as a child or an adult.

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Recovery: Self Care Edition

This blog provides specific insights on self-care for those whoe are on the journey of recovery from childhood sexual abuse. These 6 self-care tips will help you stay on the road of recovery so you don’t feel overwhelmed with your emotions while on the road of recovery.

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How Journaling Changed My Life-It can Change Yours too!

In this how to beginner’s blog, learn how journaling and writing can change your life. Make it a bait, use it as therapy and transform your life into something you’re proud of. Read the blog, dive into journal prompts, and start writing today.

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