Why Motivation is a Myth and What to do about it if You’re Feeling Stuck and Lost

Are you waiting for motivation to get started these days?

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: Motivation Monday, I gotta get motivated to do that, I’m so motivated right now!

I want to ask you something. 

When did you feel motivated to start a project, and you’re ready to deep dive into that project tomorrow and only to wake up and not even want to get out of bed?

How many times have you been pumped to go to the gym the next morning only to find yourself not wanting to go!

Motivation is BS!

It's a feeling, and it's just a fickle as the rest of our emotions, yet we seem to rely on it like our lives depend on it!

I believe that motivation is the failure of success.  Every time you need motivation to get to the gym, where is it? I'm just curious?  For me, I spend more time talking myself into going to finally get there.

Every time you feel motivated to go and do something, and you start doing it, it's like a rainy cloud comes over, and you're completely stuck and lost!

I know that you want things to change.  You’re tired of feeling lost and stuck.  You’re tired of not feeling motivated.  You’re tired of starting projects and never finishing them, and you’re tired of your current life.  You don’t want to be miserable anymore or just live for the weekends!  Maybe for that glass-bottle of wine on Friday night is the only lasting motivation!

I get it.  I was there! I lived most of my young adult life like that!  Waiting to get motivated. Waiting for something to spark so I could change my lifestyle!  I used to weigh 280 pounds at one point!  Then I've stayed under 200 pounds for almost 10 years. 

I've also lived for motivation when I worked in the last 2 years of my corporate job.  I waited for the motivation to get work done even though I hated work and hated what I was doing. I felt trapped AF!  I always thought something would change if I just had a little motivation.  I would get focused and unstuck!  It never happened with motivation.

You’re probably thinking: Okay, I get it!  Motivation doesn't work.  Then what?

That’s a great question!

How do we get out of the trap of motivation?


The only thing that carries you when you've lost your motivation or don't feel like doing anything.  The number one thing that moves you when you're losing weight, starting a business, transforming your life, or building a path to success.

The number one success creator is discipline. 

You want to finish your projects?  What kind of discipline do you have in place?

You want to get up and go to the gym?  How disciplined are you?

The motivation might work for a split second, but the discipline of doing things when you don't feel like it will carry you to your success no matter where you're at in life.  It will even move you out of the lost and stuck feelings!

I don't want to leave you hanging, though.

Are you struggling to stay motivated?  Like no matter what project you start, you can’t seem to finish them? In this how-to blog, I share what you can do rather than depending on motivation.  Plus, I share 3 tips to this change-maker!  Plus, download the free guide.  Check out the blog now!

How do you get disciplined?

I’m going to share with you 3 ways to get disciplined. 

First, I want to share the benefits of discipline.

The Benefits

  • Focus

  • More money

  • More successful

  • You do things when you don’t feel like it

  • You control the outcome

  • You get more done

  • You build confidence

  • You finish projects

  • You’re reliable

  • You’re dependable

  • You hold yourself accountable

  • You get to have more free time

  • You feel proud of yourself

  • You take more risks

  • You don’t rely on motivation to get you started or to get you through anything

Seriously these are just to name a few!

Now, let’s talk about discipline.

Are you struggling to stay motivated?  Like no matter what project you start, you can’t seem to finish them? In this how-to blog, I share what you can do rather than depending on motivation.  Plus, I share 3 tips to this change-maker!  Plus, download the free guide.  Check out the blog now!

3 Ways to put Discipline in Place Even when you feel stuck and lost

  1. Start with morning routines-If you're someone who really struggles with discipline, than start simple.  Starting with a morning routine is the simplest of all because it’s also about self-care.  I’m not going to give you guidelines on the routine because you really need to figure out what works best for you. That’s for a different blog. However, the most important thing you can do is make the morning routine about you only.  Do this for 30 days every single day!  Then you can start really diving deep into the perfect morning routine.  Once you have the morning down, add the night routine! Then you will be disciplined and will be able to take on anything. It all starts with routines and habits!

  2. Figure out what you’re passionate about- Although this is a feeling, your passion is backed by a why.  This why and passion is also connected to a mission.  This will get you out of bed every single day.  No matter what’s going on.  You'll take action, get disciplined, and do more every day.  When you know what your true passion is, you’ll set the world on fire.  Literally unstoppable.  Figure out what you’re passionate about!

  3. Get enough sleep- You’re probably thinking really?  Idk about you, but if I don't get enough sleep, the chances of me getting out of bed are slim.  Especially if I’ve been exhausted. That’s why getting enough rest is vital to keeping your discipline in place and following through.  You don't really want to do anything when you're tired, but drink your coffee and stare at the wall until you can function enough to get the 2nd cup of coffee.  I speak from experience-obvi! Sleep is your bestie, ya’ll!

Look, these ways are unconventional and things we don't really consider when putting discipline into place.  We think it's something we have to do rather than something we want to do.  Actually, the "have to do" makes discipline counterproductive.  I know that you're feeling stuck and lost, and you're fucking tired of it.  You want things to change, and you're slowly figuring out that motivation is failing you!  Discipline will come to rescue! 

Start putting discipline in place today by starting with routines, figuring out what you're passionate about, and getting enough rest to put those disciplines into place!

You know how to do this because you've been successful at something before.  Even though you feel like you've lost sight of that!  I know you love success and the feelings it brings!  It’s time to bring that back.  If you’re struggling to even bother to put discipline in place and you’re sinking in that lost and stuck feeling, I’m here to help and serve you!  I offer a 14-week program that’s designed to get you unstuck and passionate about your life again!  Your time is now! Apply here!

If you have any thoughts or comments, leave them below!


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