4 Aspects of Self & Why it Matters if You’re a Successful Woman

You’re probably thinking what are the  4 elements and what does this have to do with me? 

Do you feel lost or stuck?

Do you feel like you’ve lost your passion?

Do you feel unfulfilled?

Are you successful on the outside but feel deserted entirely on the inside?  You know what I'm talking about.  That moment when you're celebrating the next big thing, and you're looking around the crowded room and asking yourself, is this really my life?  Is this really it?  Is this really what success looks like…feels like? 

Are you itching for that colossal promotion- that one where it's a total upgrade knowing you’ve worked your ass off, knowing you’ve stuck in late hours, sleepless nights all to get passed up?

Are you working your ass off to get the next client and something is always falling through, and you just can't figure out what it is?  Like you've followed all the tips, tricks, strategies, etc. but nothing seems to give?

Queen, I get it. 

I was there.  Feeling lost and not sure what to do with the direction of my business.  I was there when I was at my 4th promotion in the corporate world and felt like I was always questioning myself.  Is this really it?

It wasn’t until I started to look at myself in the mirror before anything changed.

What am I saying?

You, Queen!  You hold all the answers.

We create beliefs, blocks, invisible ceilings that we don’t even realize those beliefs and blocks are keeping us from the next level.

What do we do? 

Start digging deep.  Heal and learn ourselves.

This is where the 4 -aspects -of -self come into play.

After years of self-discovery and healing, working in the corporate world, going to school, etc., I learned that we’re multi-faceted beings. Mostly, all these different aspects fall into 4 different categories which are connected and affected by each other, and when we align these aspects of ourselves, we’re unstoppable.

Are you feeling lost and stuck as a boss babe?  Like something isn’t clicking after success after success?  In this self-help blog, I explain 4 aspects of being and why it matters if you want to up-level as an empowered woman Read this blog now!

The Benefits of these 4 Aspects Aligned

  • Focus

  • Clarity

  • Work/life balance

  • Healthy boundaries

  • You do things in less time- Yes!  All that time you need is right here.

  • Stop making excuses

  • Land that next lead

  • You re-spark that passion

  • Your content

  • You’re at peace with yourself

  • You feel fulfilled

  • You find success on the inside just much as you do on the outside

  • More present in your life

  • Create more ideas

  • Make more money

  • Follow your heart

  • Happiness

  • Joy

That’s just to name a few.

4 Aspects of Self

  1. Physical- this is your physical form.  Your body.  The way you treat your body, what you put in your body, etc.  If you keep yourself physically healthy, you also create happiness in your life because the physical activity kicks in endorphins. It also helps shift your mindset.  Your physical aspect is vital to a successful life because it keeps your body healthy, and you need that to perform and do the things you dream of.

  2. Mental- this aspect is connected to your mindset and the things you tell yourself and tell others.  When you’re living in an abundant mindset, you have faith and trust in yourself and what's going to happen.  Which is as an asset when you’re landing that next client or gaining that next level in your career.  Plus, it’s really not healthy running around telling yourself you’re not worth it. 

  3. Emotional- This is one is hard to wrap our minds around sometimes.  We really do think our emotions hurt us, yet most of us react based on our feelings.  When you've healed from the past, and you're aware of your triggers, it's easier to deal with.  It’s when you don’t know anything about what your feelings mean that cause problems.  Emotions come up, and then we give them meaning- usually something that has nothing to do with us.  Really they are signs that it’s something about us. When we can start to look at ourselves, everything changes emotionally.  Which creates the ability to have emotional awareness with other people, and that helps us connect with people.  Especially for potential clients. 

  4. Spirituality- this might touch some buttons.  Whether or not, we want to accept it, we’re spiritual beings.  Now, understand that I believe being spiritual is just being.  It means you’re here in the now and that’s all that matters.  Really a lot of us want this for our lives. When we become self-aware and align ourselves with our heart and all aspects of ourselves, we understand what this means.  This also plays a part in having that dream life that we want because we’re peace with ourselves.  That means that outside success is the bonus.  When you get aligned and your peace with yourself, things fall into place… rapidly.

These aspects are best used when aligned.  They help you gain freedom and live the life you want. Knowing these things about yourself will help you shatter limiting decisions, blocks, and hurdles that you don't even know were there so you can get to that next level.  This will help you understand yourself so much more so when you’re ready, you can up-level every single time.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.