How to Follow Your Heart

Have you ever told yourself, never again will I put myself out there?  Or what about burying your feelings because your heart leads you down the wrong path?  What about listening to your mind because following your heart gets you into way too much trouble?!

I’m right there with you. I used to say those things to myself all the time!

I used to think that following my heart would only land me in a world of trouble, hurt, and chaos.  Until I learned that it was actually my mind that caused those problems. 

It's our mind that distorts, generalizes, and misinterprets information, not our hearts.

Following your heart can seem scary AF.  With this how-to self-help blog, learn 5 tips that can set you on the path of following your heart and self-discovery. Read the blog, now, and allow your heart to be the guide.

Our hearts know our deepest desires, and it tries to take us down the right path.  Because of our conditioning, trauma, and crazy pasts, we tend to want to follow our logical brain even though we forget that our brains are meant to keep us safe.  So, no matter the cost or what we may genuinely want to do, our minds keep us small and keeps us from taking that risk that we need.  (If you want help with shifting your mindset, click here.)

What do we do in a culture that refuses to feel? Plus wants to pretend there is only the logical part of a person?

Stop in your tracks! Start going against the odds.

I know that sounds scary, but it doesn't mean we stop using our logical reasoning.  It just means we start to use our minds as a tool and let our hearts do the guiding. When we do this, the benefits are transformational.  Here are some things it does for you.

The benefits of following in your heart

  • You travel the path you’re supposed to be on.

  • You find your passion and your purpose.

  • You overcome your fears.

  • You take risks.

  • You do things you usually wouldn't do and love it afterward.

  • Anxiety and depression disappear from your life.

  • Start listening to your needs.

  • You find freedom.

  • You learn how to really love yourself.

  • Live the life of your dreams

You’re probably thinking that sounds amazing.  But following my heart sounds scary AF.  I totally understand, and I dealt with it too.

It does at first.  But there are some things you can do to start following your heart that is simple and doable.  As long as you practice and actively do them. 

Here are 5 things you can do to help you follow your heart

Following your heart can seem scary AF.  With this how-to self-help blog, learn 5 tips that can set you on the path of following your heart and self-discovery. Read the blog, now, and allow your heart to be the guide.
  1. Heal your past.  The number one way you can start following your heart is healing yourself and allow your heart space to give you the answers.  Although this is not necessarily easy, it’s doable.  If you want a permanent solution, click here.

  2. Listen to your body.  A lot of us ignore the signals that come from our body.  Everyone wants to overcome the physical body challenges because of all this "get fit" movement.  Which is excellent, and it's right to an extent.  If you're pushing yourself to burn out, that's a problem.  If you're always getting sick, that's a sign.  Do what your body is beginning you to do.  If you don't follow your body's signals, your life crashes, and burns.  Start listening to your body so that you get used to letting go of your logical mind.  This will help you listen to your heart.

  3. Trust your intuition.  I don’t know how many times I’ve ignored that small voice or the gut reaction and regretted it later.  That little voice inside of us knows the answer 100% of the time and is right 100% time.  It knows everything about you.  Start listening to it and following it.  It's connected to your heart and your inner knowing.

  4. Start telling people no.  Telling people no is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, yet we seem to live in a society where no is a bad thing.  It’s a good thing.  You want to start doing it.  When you're screaming no on the inside- that's a sign you want to say no.  Life isn’t about pleasing others.  Certainly not about doing the things you don’t really want to do.  Start telling people no.  If you struggle with setting boundaries, you can read this blog here.

  5. Love yourself.  Yes, queen!  Start showing yourself some love so you can make it safe for your heart to express your most authentic desires.  This can look like a good self-care routine, taking yourself out on a date, accepting all of you! Just show yourself some love because no one can love you better than you! This is the surest way to follow your heart because you’re in alignment with what you really want!  If you want more on alignment, click here. If you want more on self-love, click here.

Following your heart doesn’t have to be scary.  It’s doable and one of the best things you can do for your life if you want freedom.  Your heart knows your desires.  Go against the crowd and start following your heart today!

Let me know your thoughts below.

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