3 Benefits of TimeLine Therapy

Do you ever wish there was an alternative to feeling your past and talking about it nonstop?  Like you love, your therapist but wtf?! Wasn’t something supposed to change because it’s all out in the open?   Not that your therapist isn’t good at what they do but reliving the pain and reliving it to only have awareness and do nothing with it is painful.

You want to heal, but this is taking forever, you're tired of reliving it, you're tired of feeling the same way all the time.  It's almost as bad as the past.  You know the awareness is there, but now you want a quick fix.  Is that even possible?  Seriously now what?

I get it!  I totally get it! 

In case you don't know my story, in a nutshell, I was sexually abused as a child and an adult, I lived through some pretty devastating things throughout my 32 years of life.  Things I wanted to keep buried deep within me and never tell anyone.  A lot of that changed when I healed.  I worked with a spiritual shaman, a therapist, a TimeLine Therapist, and NLP mindset transformation coach.  I’ve done a lot of healing.

All of it valuable and transformational.

 However, I noticed that the majority of what happened was bringing everything into awareness, and then it was lingering around. I felt like it was making things worse.  I needed something that deeply healed.  I wanted answers and results.  That's when I found TimeLine Therapy.  It was a different and liberating experience.  You can read about my first experience here.

Today, I’ve gone through TimeLine Therapy a handful of times.  I’m, now, a certified TimeLine Therapist.  I want to share the 3 significant benefits of TimeLine Therapy.  (As a client, not the therapist.  I also want to let you know, that the majority of the healing with TimeLine Therapy was done after I did all the soul-searching work after I worked through my Gene Keys and Human Design. It brought so much into awareness, but it wasn’t enough.  This is why I combined the techniques in my Ultimate Freedom Program.)

Remember, this is for you if you’re ready to let go of the past, you want immediate results, and you’re committed to the journey of healing.

This blog talks about 3 benefits you get when you undergo TimeLine Therapy.  If you’re looking to heal your past and you want to do it without reliving the past, and you want immediate results from different solutions, this blog is for you. Read it now and heal today.

3 Benefits of TimeLine Therapy

  1. You don’t have to relive your history and talk about what happened with a stranger to heal it.  You don’t have to talk about it or relive the emotional part of it.  You just have to go through the learnings and let that sh*t go.  You don't have to continue to beat that drum like you do in talk therapy.  You don't have to relive those crappy emotions you repressed in the first place.  I still believe that you need to feel certain things to be aware of them. However, you can let them go without reliving the pain.

  2. When you heal past emotions, you heal/change your future.  You actually go out into your future timeline to be sure the unwarranted emotions are gone! Not only do you check the future, but you also check the past, giving you the best opportunity to heal and really let go! 

  3. You notice results immediately.  You might be exhausted and need to rest.  That’s because of how much energy those negative emotions were holding onto.  This helps your body relax and let go of the flight or fight mode you were holding onto without even realizing it.  Regardless, you notice the results of doing the session right after.  Literally right after! Like a weight lifted off your shoulders in a snap of a finger.  Like you were saved right then and there!  It's the most liberating feeling I've ever experienced.

TimeLine Therapy is the answer if you’re looking to heal without reliving every little detail.  The results are truly transformational and provide you that ultimate freedom you’re looking for.  It’s one of the best ways you can heal from your past. Your time is now!  You can move on no matter what you’ve been through.

Let me know your thoughts below.

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