10 Tips to Overcome Procrastination Today!

Do you procrastinate? 

Really though who doesn't? When you're a business owner, employee, student, or even a mom some things need to be done at a particular time on a specific day so that the rest of your schedule works for you.

You know procrastination isn’t serving. But it’s like no matter what you do procrastination just seems to creep in.  No matter how many times you plan ahead or attempt to overcome it.

I get it!  I was the procrastination queen! I’m talking 5-10-page papers hours before they were due.  I would continue to do it because I would get As on papers.  No big deal.  However, when I became an entrepreneur, procrastination became my enemy!  I needed to find a way to get over it.  

I’ve done it all.  Plan ahead, do things in small chunks, do the things you don’t want to do first, pump yourself up, just do it.

I tried everything!

Until I started to dig deep and learned it wasn’t procrastination, that was the problem.  It was the resistance to doing the task that was the problem.  Please understand that I figured this out after healing.  Without healing, I would have never realized I was responsible for it, and it was deeper than just putting things off.  If you want to find the right healing for you, click here.

If you struggle with procrastination, this how-to, self-help blog provides 10 hacks to overcoming procrastination for good.  Check out the blog now.

What is resistance?

Not wanting to do something at that moment that will help you or benefit you down the road because something is going on inside of you.  (Resistance is something we all come against it’s not just with procrastination.)

I had to figure out a way to overcome the resistance.  In my research of figuring out how to overcome resistance, I read pretty much the same thing over and over. 

You're not supposed to do what you're doing, wait it out, listen to your body, etc.  Which is all true.  But seriously who has time for that?  I needed to get to the bottom of it asap!

I’ve tried all those things, above.  They don't necessarily work if you don't figure out what the real problem is!

Until I figured out my own method and slowly, the resistance is a thing of the past- most days. Which is amazing.

Before I give you my 10 tips, I want to share the benefits of overcoming resistance.

If you struggle with procrastination, this how-to, self-help blog provides 10 hacks to overcoming procrastination for good.  Check out the blog now.

Benefits of Overcoming Resistance

  • You do things/projects in less time.

  • Ideas flow to you effortlessly.

  • You’re in alignment most days.

  • You use less energy to get things done.

  • You allow yourself time to relax.

  • You take time for self-care.

  • Stop procrastinating.

If any of those sounds like a benefit you need in your life, crackdown on your resistance.

Here’s how you can start today!

10 Tips to Get Over Resistance

  1. Ask yourself or journal where’s the resistance? So many times, resistance is actually being signaled from somewhere in our body.  If we can locate it, we learn to listen to our bodies, eventually, resistance disappears most days!

  2. Ask yourself or journal why is there resistance? There is always a real answer to this.  It’s usually what comes up first.  If you ignore what comes up first, then this is worthless to you and a waste of time.  If you don’t want to listen to yourself, the likelihood of you overcoming resistance is slim. 

  3. Ask yourself what you would like to do instead?  Most of the time we have tasks that we find more exciting or more important, and we would rather do those first.  Seriously throw the regular tips out the door and listen to yourself.  If doing the dishes before you vacuum is preferred, then do it.  If you would rather write a blog than do the IGTV video, then do that.  Allow yourself the room for that creativity.  Usually, you're in flow or alignment with those activities you want to do, so do them first.

  4. Do whatever comes up first.  If you don’t do whatever comes up first, otherwise your current project will take ten times longer than usual.  I know, because I was the queen of ignoring my intuition! I’ve wasted so much time and energy ignoring myself.

  5. Act after the resistance is gone.  Don’t work on the project until the resistance is completely gone. If you feel even an ounce of resistance, don't work on the project until it's gone.

  6. Consider raising your vibe before you do the work. Maybe you're just not ready or not feeling it.  The best way to overcome the leftover resistance is to raise your vibe.  This can be done quickly by listening to music, eating if you’re hungry, dance, or do whatever you like to do that makes you feel good!

  7. Get into alignment.  If you get into alignment, there is less resistance, like 90% of the time!  It's because you're really doing things that you want to do.  You're really following your heart and doing what's best for you!  You can read more at this blog on getting into alignment here.  

  8. Make sure you're doing what you truly want to do for you and not for others.  How many times has someone asked you to do something, and you say yes even though, in your mind, you’re screaming no!  Next time say no because it’s what you really want. 

  9. Show yourself some love before you work.  There’s so much out there on work before play.  You gotta grind it out until you’re exhausted and tired and other motivational sayings that are out there.  I think a lot of us get trapped to do the work first because we have to work hard to get anything in life.  Well, I call Bull sh*t. The truth is you can’t really work 100% unless you’re giving back to yourself 100%.  You gotta show yourself some love with self-care if you want to go full force all the time.  That's just all there is to it.  You can't give a 100% if you're not at 100%.  Just a little hint no one can give you or help you get to 100%- that’s all you and what’s best for you.  If you're feeling exhausted, you're going to resist everything until you get to rest.  If you're feeling crummy because you have crazy negative thoughts running around in your head, find a way to safely express that- I would say journaling.  You can find out more about journaling here. You gotta take care of yourself first.  Otherwise, resistance will always be a thing in your life. 

  10. Stop overthinking!  Do you freak yourself out right before you do super important things?  Like what are others going to say?  What if I don't do this, right?  It’s gotta be perfect.  I get it.  I tend to overthink sometimes, but the only way to be able to do anything is let that overthinking go because it’s killing you and your creative energy.  Just do it.  Just get that first round done.  You can come back to it.  Nothing is ever perfect.  Perfectionism is a disease and is signal of something much deeper inside yourself that you gotta resolve. It’s okay that it sucks the first time around.  Allow yourself time to make it better. 

Procrastination/ resistance is one the most significant time sucks that we deal with in our lives, whether your business owner or a stay at home mom, we all deal with it.  With these 10 tips, you can get over it faster and get to what you need to do quickly and, on your schedule, when you want to do it!  Plus, if you get over the resistance, you’re likely to finish the project is way less time!

Now, I challenge you to try it these 10 tips!  Let me know your results below in the comments.

If you know anyone that could benefit from this blog, please feel free to share and spread the love!

If you struggle with procrastination, this how-to, self-help blog provides 10 hacks to overcoming procrastination for good.  Check out the blog now.