Discovering You: 3 Reasons Why Gene Keys are the Answer

I know, you're sitting here, reading this blog, looking for answers.  Looking for solutions to improve your life.  You're looking for real answers with real meaning on how to reinvent yourself and living with purpose. You’re thinking: This better not be a waste of time! I'm not looking for superficial answers.  I want real answers that will help me get somewhere.

Maybe you're not even sure what you're looking for, but you're hoping reading enough blogs and to consume enough self-help information something will help you find your way!

Girl, I get it.  I was there 4 years ago!

I started this self-discovery journey in a fog, shortly out of a depression, hoping to find more, hoping to learn what peace within really meant.  I journaled for years!  Finally, a few years later, sh*t got real, and I found real answers.  Real solutions.  Just like the ones you’re looking for today!

I learned these answers, and I'm going to provide for you through personal experience.  I started with a coach. Then I took off on my own.  I’m glad I did.  What I know about myself today was exactly what I was looking for 4 years ago — making the entire journey worth it.  It was a rollercoaster of a journey, but the person I am today wouldn't have ever come forward without it. 

I want to give you real answers to the questions you keep asking yourself when you wake up in the morning:  What do I want to do with my life?  What is my purpose? Why am I here?  There are real answers to those questions.  I’m going to share how you can find those answers.  

Before I get started, first, I want to share what Gene Keys are.  Gene Keys connect to our DNA, which we all have. In our, DNA are codes that connect to a gift- like a high vibe frequency and a shadow- triggers and emotions that haunt us- also a low vibe frequency. By working through our specific blueprint, we uncover our true meaning and purpose…that’s just the beginning.  If you're interested in an overview of your chart, click here!

In this self-discovery blog, you’ll get 3 tips on why gene keys are the ultimate blueprint to the self-discovery journey.  This blog provides insights on how the gene keys chart helps you with figuring yourself out, reinventing yourself, and knowing who you really to the core.  Dive deep with this blog and begin your self-discovery journey today!

Now on to what you’re looking for!

3 Reasons Why Gene Keys are the Answer to Self-discovery

  1. Gene Keys provides a blueprint of how to discover yourself.  If you’ve been on the self-discovery journey for a while, you know what a miracle it is to have a blueprint of what’s next. Gene Keys gives you the answers to what’s next.  Yes, an actual chart to show you what to work on and how to work on it.  I wish I had started with this 4 years ago.  Having a blueprint for what's next and how to work on it takes all the guessing work out of it.  Which is nice because when you're on this path without a blueprint, you spend a lot of time wondering what to deal with next.

  2. The chart shows you your shadows.  I know we only want the positive in our lives.  But the truth is, we can't have the good without the bad.  To have true happiness in our lives, we must work out our shadows- baggage, or it always haunt us.  If you’re seeking happiness, unpack your baggage and start dealing! This blueprint will show you what your shadows are and how to deal.  There’s also a book to help you figure out how to solve them, if you're interested, click here.

  3. It shows you your purpose, life's work, and how to take care of yourself. When I started with my coach, my purpose was exactly what I was after.  I found way more!  However, knowing your purpose, life’s work, and how to take care of yourself specific to your design is game-changing, because a lot of us spend years figuring it out. You don't have to guess anymore.  It's all laid out for you.  To know you can turn to this blueprint and see everything that you need to do!

Having a blueprint to the journey of self-discovery makes this journey simpler.  I remember wondering what I was supposed to do next and never really knew the answers until I started working with gene keys, and everything changed.  I had the answers without thinking too hard on what to do next or feeling overwhelmed with what to do next.  All the answers you’re looking for are right here in a blueprint waiting for your discovery.

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