Discovering You: 3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Self-discovery Journey

Do you ever wish there was a quick fix when it comes to changing your life, reinventing yourself, or just figuring out who you are?

I did too!

When I started this journey 4 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing or even realized that I was discovering myself.  I just knew I needed to change some things, and I needed to figure who I was!  It was like a major midlife crisis at 26! So, I just began.  I grabbed a journal and asked myself what peace within really meant.  

Today, I know who I am, I know my passion and purpose.  Peace within, to me, means accepting and loving myself- in a nutshell.

During the journey, I did things the hard way.  Which most of us do, but I want to make things easier for you on this journey, and I’m sure you want to speed this up. 

I get it. 

We all have things we want to do, and that makes us want to know who we are like yesterday. 

No matter what I share with you or anyone for that matter, this is a journey.  It doesn’t matter if I give you tips on how to speed things up, it still takes time, it’s still a journey no matter what.  Yes, these ways will make things easier, and you can get to the core of you quicker; however, it doesn't change the journey part.  Just be aware of that.  There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to self-discovery.  Now, I’m going to share some ways that will speed up the process that I wish I knew when I started this 4 years ago!

This blog explains 3 tips on how you can jumpstart your self-discovery journey.  This blog will help anyone move through the journey quicker and will you dive dieerp to get know true authentic self.

3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Journey

  1. Journal: If you follow me, read my blogs, etc., you know that I talk about journaling a lot!  Because it works.  It helps.  It helps you organize your thoughts; you get in touch with yourself and your feelings, and you can say whatever you want without judgment.  You can really let things flow, and you can really get to know yourself this way!  If you want more on journaling, click here.

  2. Gene Keys: I worked with these for more than a year, and they’re amazing.  Basically, they’re connected to your DNA, and the prominent keys within your DNA provide a shadow to work through and gift to have a more peaceful or high vibe life.  This is like a blueprint that seriously spells out your purpose, life’s work, people you attract in your life, how to take care of yourself and more.  Yes, self-care specifically designed for you!  If you ask me, it can't get any better! If you're interested in an overview of your chart- click here.

  3. Human Design: I worked with this for over a year, and I have learned so much about myself. It's crazy.  Human Design is a chart for your energy design.  It shows you how your energy works, how you respond to life, and not yourself theme.   It spells all of that out for you.  It's helped so much because I understand when I don't sleep well when I am not responding or listening to myself, and I know when I'm not doing what's best for me based on this design chart!  That's pretty freaking cool, and it can help anyone!  If you’re interested in an overview of your chart-click here.

  4. Bonus!!! Using all 3 of these at the same time will super drive your self-discovery journey.  You’ll really start to dig deep and get to the core of you.  Find whatever it is that you’re looking for so much quicker if you use all 3!  That’s what I did, and I really figured everything out.  It helps so much because you really gain clarity when you work through your shadows and start entering into the gift states. 

All of these can really help jumpstart your self-discovery journey.  I wish I had known about all 3 of these 4 years ago.  My process was a slow one, it doesn’t mean yours has to be.  No matter what tips I give you this is truly a journey because we all have different experiences and past trauma. Which means that working through our conditioning takes time until we truly find who we are.  Once we're there, it's a beautiful way to live life!

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