Discovering You: 3 Reasons Why Observation is the Key to Self-awareness

Ever feel lost? 
Ever feel like you want to change but don’t know how?
Don’t know where to start that change?
You can feel your heart aching for more, but you have no idea what it's actually hurting for?
Have you ever felt like you’ve been through so much trauma and BS in your life there is no way you’ll be “normal”?
Have you ever felt like your past is a punishment and this how you have to live your life, now?
You'll never be entirely happy?
You'll never be entirely free?
You'll never be entirely you?

These things that you said and ask yourself regularly, I did the same thing.  I asked myself all these questions and say these things plus a ton more. 

If you’re here and you’ve asked and said these things, you’ve come to the right place. 


I have answers. Ture answers. Solutions that will piss you off, but I have the answers.

This is the first to a new blog series: Discovering You.  In this blog you’ll learn that observation is key to awareness and 3 keys to help you further understanding why non-judgmental observation is even better to helping you with self-awareness.  Plus a free workbook to help you with the observation challenge.

First, the truth is if you’re asking yourself these questions you’re at a crossroads with your current self and your higher self.  If you don’t know what your higher self is, then you can think of it as your intuition because that's mostly what it is. I can tell you after years of fighting my intuition/higher self- whatever that internal compass knows, she knows EVERYTHING.  In my life, my higher self/intuition is right about everything. 100% of the time.

Anyway, your higher self is asking you to see, asking you to pause for a moment, telling you something needs to change.  These questions that you ask yourself are truly soul awakening questions, if you follow them down the path they are meant to lead you to, your whole life does the most beautiful 360.  How do you allow this to take place in your life?

The answer? Peeling yourself back layer by layer.  Self-Discovery.  What does that mean exactly?  To me, it means that you peel back all your layers to reach the core of you, the truth of you.  The real you.  The you that you had to reject as a child to survive, the you that was conditioned by your parents, community and society.  The true you. That means all the surface stuff you show to everyone no longer exists because you’re not afraid of yourself. 

Coming face to face with the true you and embodying her leads to happiness, leads to your purpose, leads to your soulmate, leads to the best life. 

The answers are within you.  ALL of them.  It’s about listening and observing. 

There’s one way to start this self-discovery, and it's with non-judgmental observation.

Why non-judgmental?  Because when we start this path, we have a tendency to beat ourselves for the things we did in the past or present.  If we can leave out the judgment, it will create opportunities to see more easily and quickly.  (There isn’t a quick fix to this.  So, if you want this to go by quick-this is the answer.)

Why observation?  Because if you’re here and you ask yourself all those questions, you want something to change.  If you don't know where to start that change, then observation is vital because it creates awareness.   Awareness is everything.  Once you're aware, you can never go back! If I can only promise one thing in my entire life, I can guarantee that.

But maybe that wasn’t enough for you to buy into the why. 

Here are 3 reasons why observation is the key to awareness.

This is the first to a new blog series: Discovering You.  In this blog you’ll learn that observation is key to awareness and 3 keys to help you further understanding why non-judgmental observation is even better to helping you with self-awareness.  Plus a free workbook to help you with the observation challenge.
  1. It helps you see your life at a full view rather than through tunnel vision.  Sometimes we have blinders on.  Observations help us pull those blinders off. Those blinders are keeping us in denial, keeping us trapped, and preventing us from being happy.

  2. You can tangibly see (if written down) behaviors, interactions, and triggers you want to change. This is why I recommend a journal.  It will help you! You really see and read that things need to change.  It’s a real eye-opener especially if you struggle with denial about aspects of yourself.

  3. It helps your mind understand that change is the right thing to do.  We have to give our minds an intellectual reason why change is necessary for our lives.  Otherwise, resistance will fight you the whole way.  Making any type of change hard and creates extreme internal conflict. We must have the answers to why.  Observation is the best way to provide that answer.  (Eventually, you won’t need the why!)

Those are the 3 reasons why observation is critical to awareness.  You see fully, observation makes it real, and it beats our minds/egos at its own game. 

Now that you’re fully on board with observation, let’s discuss how you observe.  

Just watch your interactions with people, loved ones, etc.  You also want to observe your behaviors, things you say, emotions, triggers, feelings, happenings.  The best way to do this is by writing it down. I highly recommend getting a journal.

 I challenge you to observe for 3 -7 days.  Just see what you wrote.  That alone will lead you to where you want to start changing.  There might seem like a lot.  But search for a theme within your days or pick one that calls out to you!  You’ll know.  Trust that higher self.

Self-discovery is an amazing path because it leads to so much more.  It leads to beautiful healing and wanted change.  It's not an easy path, but it's worth it. The only way to know where you need to start or how to start is with a non-judgmental observation so that you can create real awareness in your life.  Remember awareness changes everything!

If you have a question or a comment, please feel free to do so below.  Let’s connect.


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