3 Quick Tips for Successful Women When You’re Not Landing those Leads

You’ve landed leads before.

You’ve heard yes several times.

Your clients have seen amazing results.

You can guarantee your work.

WTH is going on all of a sudden?  All of a sudden, people are saying no.  You feel like you've talked to thousands of people, and for whatever reason, you're just not getting those yeses.  You're getting worried, and truthfully, you're on the brink of giving up.  

Not only are you feeling like an imposter, but that money that you stacked up is dwindling.  What are you going to do?

First, I just want to say I get it.  It's hard enough to put yourself out there, and now that you've seen some success, you want more, and it's like all these thoughts are creeping up.  Like where did they come from?!  You've done the mindset work, you've worked on yourself, you read, etc.  But they just creep up.  I get it.  I understand because I have been there.  Hunting down the next lead- the next client.  Crying, I don’t know how I’m going to keep going!  Praying that things work out.  I can do this!  I get it.

I know it's hard.  I know you've wanted to give up a million times by now.  Especially after you've seen some success and now all of a sudden, you feel like a failure, and everyone seems to tell you no!

There are solutions.  I’m providing them today!

I have 3 quick tips I’m going to share with you.

What You Need to Know First

Please keep in mind these tips work along with a strategy for bringing in clients to your sales funnel with content etc.  I’m not that business coach.  I’m all about you and what you’re going through.  So, if you want strategy, you gotta go somewhere else.  This is all about you!

This is a blog for when the strategy is in place, and it still isn't working.  I’ve been there!

Are you tired of hearing no when you’re on the phone with potential clients?  Get ahead right now with these 3 simple hacks.  All you need is a strategy in place, read this blog to work on you, and start attracting clients again!  Plus, there is a PDF guide to help you breakthrough for free.

Benefits of Focusing on You

  • You can actually control you

  • More motivation

  • More focus

  • More clarity

  • More room to grow

  • More money

  • Shift your mindset

  • Permanent change

  • Breakthrough quicker

  • Up-level quicker

  • Change your life throughout the journey and not just now

  • More confident

  • Raise your prices

  • You believe you’re an expert rather than pretending to believe

  • You come from a place of service

  • You know your passion

  • You know your purpose

  • You know your mission

  • You know your why

These are just to name a few.

Now, the 3 tips to help you focus on you when you have a strategy in place when you're not landing those leads.

3 Quick Tips

  1. Make sure you’re coming from a place of abundance.  I know not landing those leads is scary AF!  You're already putting yourself out there.  You've had your fair share of rejection already.  You know, that no is one step closer to yes.  But where are all the yeses?!  Where did they go?  Things are getting stressful, and you’re unsure of when you’re gonna land your next client.  Now, you’re doing things out of desperation rather than purpose or abundance. Stop!  People can smell it a mile away.  Make sure you’re doing things out of service rather than the desperation for the money.  I understand this is your livelihood; however, people want to trust you, and when you come from a place of desperation, they feel like they can’t trust you.  When you put out content, create challenges, etc., ask yourself: is this aligned with me and my business?  If it’s not, toss it because it’s going to be a waste of your energy.  You don’t need that.  When it’s aligned with you, run with it and go full force! If you’re struggling with alignment, check this blog out.

  2. Make sure you’re always working on yourself.  Whether you're learning a new skill, healing from the past, putting in self-care, make sure you do something for you daily!  This shows the universe you’re open to receiving and allowing.  Creating more abundance and more of what you want in your life.  Plus, this will enable you to respond all day rather than react.  It also brings inspiration for content and what to do next when your strategy isn’t working.  Make the time, girl!  It will be worth it.  If you feel like you’ve run out of ideas on personal development, check out this blog.

  3. Get out of your own way!  Sometimes we think we have to control every little thing.  If you just chill out and take a break and allow the universe to do the rest, it makes things happen so much quicker.  You can only do your part, and the rest is about faith and trust.  Allow the universe to show you its got your back.  Because it really does, and you can allow that to happen by ending the control!  You can only control yourself and the way you respond to everything.  That’s it.  You can’t control the outcome or anyone else! If you need more on letting go of control, check out this blog.

Landing those leads is all apart of success for your work.  When you have a strategy for your content and sales funnel plus these 3 tips, it helps you can turn everything around.  Make sure you come from a place of abundance, work on yourself, and get out of your own way so you can start landing those leads again.  You got this girl!

If you're really struggling with those creeping thoughts, feeling like you're an imposter, and landing those leads, let's get on a FREE call together.  Let's see how I can serve you and help you breakthrough and up-level!  Click here.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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