Journal Prompts: Facing Your Fears

Before I give you the prompts, I want to touch base on why journaling is so important!  If you’re interested in a more in-depth blog on this, click here. 

  • It helps you process. It can give you a deeper understanding and gives you a clear understanding of what’s at hand. This is important for those crazy emotions! (And if you need some guidance on accepting your emotions click here.)

  • It helps you de-stress. Writing in a journal is like talking to a bestie. They just don’t talk back and sometimes we need that! Plus, the self-care/self-love aspect is an added bonus.

  • It helps you stay grounded. Meaning you won’t just freak out, at a moment’s notice, because you have something to help you cope.

There are so many other reasons to journal and you might have your own.  Before I give you the prompts, let’s talk facing your fears.  These prompts are designed to help you become aware of your true fears and battle them head on.  The reality is, fears keep us from growing, expanding, and transforming.  That’s exactly why we have fears like public speaking, networking with people, and so on.  Once we are able to accept and address fears and what they really mean you can take those fears head on, transmute your fears and change your life by growing, learning, and expanding.   

If you want to take charge of your life and take on your fears through journaling, then let it begin with this blog!

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  1. List all your fears.

  2. Looking at your list of fears, circle all the fears that are truly yours.

  3. Can you identify why you have these fears?

  4. The other fears that aren’t truly yours, explain why each one isn’t your fear.

  5. Reread your fears. Which fears can you conquer?

  6. Pick one fear, how is this fear related to your past?

  7. Does this fear cause any triggers?

  8. How has this fear controlled your life?

  9. Write a letter to your fear. How will you destroy it?

  10. Write a letter to yourself allowing you to conquer the fear.

  11. How will conquering your fears change your life for the better?

  12. What’s stopping you from facing your fears?

  13. Why have you now decided to face your fears?

  14. When you think of your fears what emotions and thoughts come up?

  15. Look back to those emotions and thoughts- ask: Why? What answers come up?

  16. How are your fears related to your childhood?

  17. Pick one fear, challenge yourself to conquer it one baby step at a time. What’s your plan?

  18. Take one baby step, how did making this baby step make you feel?

  19. What can you do tomorrow as another baby step towards conquering your fear?

  20. Write yourself a pep talk -when your fear takes over.

  21. What’s your biggest why to facing your fears?

  22. What can you do daily to help you conquer your fears?

  23. Describe the person you want to become by facing your fears.

  24. Go to your list of fears, are there any fears you can reframe?

  25. How can you use your fears as fuel to achieve goals?

  26. Create a happy and safe place you can go to when you’re feeling triggered from your fears.

  27. How can you stop letting your fears control your life?

  28. If fear didn’t control your life, what would be the first thing you did?

  29. How would you help someone else face their fears?

  30. Why are worthy of other side of facing your fears?

Journal Prompts: Facing Your Fears

Which question(s) did you struggle with?  Leave a comment below.  Let’s connect.