5 Quick Tips to Transform Your Mindset

I started to change my mindset years ago.  Even today I still work on my mindset.  Because it’s so easy to buy into pride and the ego and believing in your fears.  Today, I won’t dig deep into the mindset like that… that’s something for later on.  (I actually just thought about that the other day.  It’s time to do an even deeper level of this.  If you’re interested, be on the lookout.  In the meantime, I am offering a free Ebook, which you can get here.)

When I first started changing my mindset and really started noticing my thoughts I was about a year in from healing from my past.  I started with a journal and a whole lot of pain and depression.  Eventually writing in my journal consistently changed my life for the better (you can read about how journaling changed my life here.  You can also read about taking your past head on here.)  This simple habit turned into an obsession of transforming my life.

I started listening to motivational videos because I was having such a hard time making it through work.  I was also just about to launch my first website angeladawn.co- I was learning a ton!  The more videos I watched/listened to the more I would pick up on changing my mindset.  Suddenly I had a practice.

These practices really changed my life to get me where I am today.  I want to share these practices with you because of how much they’ve helped me.  Remember you can grab the Ebook here, if you want it. The book explains the tips in a much deeper level.

5 Quick Tips to Transform Your Mindset

5 Quick Tips:

  1. Count backwards 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and think of something positive. You can use this to switch your negative thinking, when you’re having doubts, anxiety, anything really. This was found in a TedX Talk by the one and only Mel Robbins! She’s truly inspirational with changing your mindset. She even has a book on this called the 5 Second Rule. I highly recommend it if you suffer with self-doubt, and negative thinking. I would use this practice when I would wake up first in the morning. I would always have some negative bs going on in my head. The 5 Second Rule really helped me change that. I still use this today.

  2. Mirror Talk. Essentially loving yourself in the mirror. This one is hard at first but the more you do it the more comfortable you get. I suggest standing in front of the mirror, daily, undressed and saying 3 mantras over and over. For example, I love myself. I love my body. I’m beautiful. (I used this over and over. Especially after weighing 280 pounds to 162 pounds, then to 190 pounds. I had to do something because I still saw myself at 280 pounds.) You can use whatever mantras you think will help you the most.

  3. Create a list of positives. I used to write these in my planner regularly. I would write one positive for the day, 6 things to be grateful for and 6 things I liked about myself. You don’t have to write these down. It can be something you say in the mirror or just aloud. It’s really up to you. Those lists will provide a lot positivity in your life.

  4. Set and execute goals. Goal setting really does give you something to work for every day. It doesn’t necessarily matter what the goal is. If you’re working towards it, your mind will shift. Maybe not all the time, but most of the time. Especially if goal setting is something you haven’t done before. I highly recommend setting goals. It will improve your life dramatically over time, not just your mindset.

  5. Change the people you surround yourself with. We all have those people in our lives that are toxic, downers, that always ask why rather than why not. Always finding a way to destroy something positive. They always have drama and thrive off of it. Those people are hindering whether or not you change. You want more positive supportive people in your life. You feed off of their energy and will help you change your mindset. Keep good positive supportive people in your life and your mindset will shift quicker than you ever thought possible.

These are the 5 quick tips, The 5 Second Rule, talking to yourself in the mirror, create a list of positives, set and executive goals, and changing the people you’re around.  There is more in-depth information in the Mindset 101 Ebook- click here.  

Even if you don’t want the Ebook, that’s cool. Working on your mindset will truly transform your life more positive and upbeat.  You will be surprised by what changes when you change your mindset. 

Have questions?  Have any struggles with your mindset?  Leave a comment below.  Let’s connect.