How to Find the Right Healing for You

Committing to healing and recovering from your past is not an easy task.  Nor is it something that just comes to an end 12 weeks later.  Healing from your past can take months or years to do.  Why? Because you peel back layer after layer.  Even when you think: That’s all the healing I can do on that. BAM!  Here comes another opportunity to heal. (Which usually comes in triggers.  If you want to learn how to deal with those, here’s this blog.)

About 4 years ago I really started to heal from my past, heal from the death of my step-father, which was only the beginning.  Honestly, I could have sworn I didn’t need anymore healing!  Until I got pregnant with my daughter and after making the same mistakes over and over again.  Then I realized I was blind and had no idea WTF I was thinking! (If you want more on the back story you can read it here.) If it weren’t for the pregnancy, I would probably make the same stupid mistakes over and over again until it really caused problems. 

If you’re like me, you had to learn lessons the hard way more than once.  Don’t worry.  I think we’ve all been there done that! It’s part of the process. 

The commitment to heal from our past is really when we’ve had enough BS.  Enough of the heartache, the problems, the drama, the craziness in our heads, our destructive thoughts.  And even then, it may take awhile to actually do something about it.  It did for me. 

This is why I want to share how to decide which type of healing is best for you and some options.  I didn’t really know how to start.  I actually didn’t realize I was healing until almost a year or so later.  I want to share this because there are so many options out there.  But the options I provide are options I have personally done myself.  I think we’re all different and that’s completely okay.  But it means certain healings are more effective than the others. They all lead to one thing: transformation.  That’s all that really matters.  Transforming your life. 

Transformation is contagious.  I personally believe healing from our past will ultimately change the world.  It all starts with one person. If you want, it can be you.  If you’re willing to commit and ride it out.  Even if you’re unsure and just want to know what’s out there, that’s cool too.  This blog is for you.   Before I give you different options of healing, I am going to give you a series of questions you should ask yourself before you decide which healing to pick. It’s important you meditate on these questions, journal about it or whatever you do best, because you want to pick a healing option that’s aligned and right for you.  You don’t want to just pick anything because it won’t be beneficial.

The Questions

  1. What do I want to achieve with healing from my past?

  2. Am I into spiritual things?

  3. Am I willing to try anything?

  4. Do I prefer in-person or online or alone?

  5. Do I like to write?

  6. Do I like to meditate?

  7. What are the things I need to work on in my life?

  8. How will I know when I’m ready to move on from the healing option?

  9. Which healing feels right to me?

  10. How do I feel about each option?


  1. Journaling. I would initially just write about my day because I needed an outlet. I had just come out of a crazy destructive pattern that ended in depression and astronomical amounts of suicidal thoughts. I needed something without being judged. Something I had to work through on my own. Journaling was the answer for me. I started asking myself why. Why do I feel this way? Who does that really have to do with? Why does that trigger me? Why do I still let that person control me? What’s really bothering me? And I was lead toward my past. I would dig and start peeling back layers. This is perfect if you like to write, if you can’t necessarily find the means for therapy or coach or whatever the case may be. If you’re not ready to dive into other things, this is great starting point! If you need entries check out these blogs: Facing the Past, Self-love, Self-reflection, Digging Past the Surface, and Recovery. Or if want 90 journal prompts sent directly to you, click here. I also recommend this because you can combined it with any other healing.

  2. Gene Keys. First WTH is it? Gene keys are part of our DNA. It’s believed your DNA holds a gift and a shadow in each key which are predominant to your specific sequence. With understanding your own predominant gene keys you can unlock your gifts, understand your shadows or when you play the victim mindset and find your true purpose in life. (That’s my personal understanding of it.) I believe it does much more than help you find your purpose. I think it helps you understand, see and accept your past so you can start healing from it. This is something you can do on your own. Which I explain how you can briefly in this blog: How to Face Your Past Head-on. You can also just start by purchasing the Gene Key book and start reading it. It will help regardless even though I highly recommend getting your chart. It’s free. Or you can work with someone. Which I did. It was amazing it has really changed my life within the last 6 months. I have grown and learned and healed so much. I couldn’t even tell who I was 6 months ago…. A girl that didn’t see herself as worthy and was broken from abuse… okay maybe I can. I’m different now. I can feel it regardless of whether or not I’m pregnant. I worked with an amazing lady named Johanna Burkhardt. If you’re interested in working with someone I highly recommend her. She goes way beyond the gene keys and her activation mediations are so good! If you’re in a position to invest in yourself, I would do this. If not, I understand and you can go about this journey on your own. It’s possible. In fact, I will go through my chart on my own this time around. I’ll share what I learn. So be on the look out for that.

  3. Therapy. This is most common. It also can be less expensive because your insurance might cover it. I like therapy because there is someone there to talk to in person. There is someone there listening. I don’t like therapy because there isn’t the spiritual aspect that I receive like I do with Gene Keys. Although I love psychology and all that brain stuff, I do believe there is a spiritual side to healing. It doesn’t mean that’s the case for every single person. I just believe that. I want a holistic approach. I want to be healed mind, body and spirit. There are some things in therapy I receive that I can’t get in Gene Keys. I like it all. I like to bridge the gap between the brain and the spirit. Therapy is for anyone, especially if you want nothing to do with the spiritual side. Which I get. You can also use therapy with journaling and Gene Keys. I did! Some weeks were a little more intense than others. But that’s how I do things. We either go big or go home. I don’t know why, I do it, but I do. Sometimes I hate it, but after I’m so happy I did.

  4. The last one I am going to suggest is for anyone that is healing from childhood sexual abuse. I wanted to add this in here as an option because it still seems to be taboo to speak about/ write about. Even when I am doing searches on Pinterest and Google the same stuff seems to come up. There isn’t a lot of people really cracking that sh*t open like it needs to be. I think it’s something that requires a whole other side of healing and dealing. I wanted to add it in here because it’s much easier to start with healing from your past in general. That’s what I thought for sure. To help with the abuse is: The Courage to Heal Workbook. I haven’t finished it. But if you’re just starting to recover from your abuse this is the way to go. You can use this with therapy, with Gene Keys or with journaling. You can do it alone. Although I haven’t finished it, this is very much for the beginning stages. That doesn’t mean it’s not helpful there are just somethings I remember that’s how I was. That’s how I used to think. And I’m just at a different stage. It doesn’t make the book wrong. I highly recommend it, if healing from childhood sexual abuse is really something you want. Here is the link to get the book. And you want to read blogs you can read what I have written here.

Any one of these can really help you transform your life.  Whether you journal, you start digging with gene keys or go to therapy, all of these are useful.  And if you want to dive head in, you can always do it all at once!  I also recommend the Courage to Heal Workbook if you are survivor of childhood sexual abuse.  This does require another stage of healing, and if this is something you’re not ready and or doesn’t have anything to do with you, that’s cool.  I just wanted to add it because it’s something that needs to be talked about.  Remember it’s all about changing your life.  Whether you use these options or not.  That’s not what matters.  What matters is your healing and transforming as you desire.

Have a story? Have questions?  Comment below.  I would love to hear from you.