3 Reasons Why Values are Important to Transforming Your Life

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When I started healing from my past I didn’t quite understand what it meant.  Nor did I believe I would change my life so dramatically.  I really just thought I would be a happier person.  Don’t get me wrong, I am happier but healing requires a little more than positive thinking and daily affirmations.  Sure, those help!  Healing is completely shifting your life.  Changing your mindset, letting go of the past, forgiving people, creating a new life, meeting new people, developing yourself.  It’s like a new life!  Right in the middle of an old life.  It’s almost hard to explain. 

Anyway changing yourself that dramatically or wanting to can really put you into a tailwind.  Where do I start?  What do I do? How do I even know I need to change my life around?  There is just a lot going on your in your head.  (If you’re interested, here is a blog to help you get started: How to Take Your Past Head On). Personally, I had to 360 my life from a weekend binger to a peaceful more loving person.  It didn’t happen over night and has actually taken years and something I still work on today, but if I didn’t fully commit to healing none of this would have ever gone any further than a thought in my mind.  But I did commit and started journaling.  (If you want journal prompts on facing the past- check em out here.)

3 Reasons Why Values are Important to Transforming Your Life

Not only did I journal but I also turned to something I learned at work.  Something I didn’t really think I would ever use in my personal life.  Something I thought: People don’t really use this.  But I was wrong and when I worked through it, it started to change my life even more. 

It’s deciding your values.  You might be thinking: OMGosh!  How do I do that!  No worries.  If you click here, there is workbook for ya.  (No email required.)

With that being said, I want to share 3 reasons why values are important to your life.  Because I didn’t realize how important values were until I went through the workbook and realized some things about myself. Not only that, but it also helped me change my life and here’s how:

  1. You start to live your life according to your ideal. Some of my values included loyalty and freedom and family. I realized when I felt any of those values were compromised I wasn’t happy nor was a living in alignment. Loyalty is the deepest. So when I did things I always kept that intact. Loyal to a person’s name, loyal to what that person meant to my life, loyal to myself etc. The more you live to your envisioned ideal the happier you will be and the more peaceful you will be. This isn’t about religion or judgment or anything like that. Because we all believe differently. It’s to help you keep a standard for your life.

  2. Your values help you make decisions. This can be in any setting. Professional or personal. There may come a time where you have to make a decision and sometimes you can’t decide what to do. Your values can help you make decisions. Say family is important to you and your boss offers a promotion that requires you to spend 50% more time at work. You might turn it down because of your values. Or maybe one of your values is integrity and you’ve been asked to smudge some numbers. Your values will help you decide whether you’ll do that or not. Now, that’s really if you live according to your values. According to your ideal. Which can be hard especially when you’re in a desperate situation or someone of authority asks you to do something.

  3. You attract similar people in your life. This one is huge to me. Especially after partying so much. You really do end up surrounding yourself around those people. Not that all of them are bad, but that’s their lifestyle and when you change, doesn’t mean they will. When you live your life according to your ideal, you start attracting people that do the same thing. Believe in similar values or just have values in general and living according to them. You want those people in your life so you can continue to transform your life into something you truly desire.

Values are important to anyone’s life.  They are used best when you live fully in your values which can be hard to do sometimes especially in desperate situations.  But living according to your ideal can change everything.  And if you’re interested in how you can pick your top 5 values, click here.

Remember living with values can help transform your life because it helps you live according to your ideal, helps you make big decisions, and attracts the right people into your life!  And that’s exactly what change is!

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