Affirmations for Comparisons & Success

If you’re anything like me, you want things to happen quickly.  You want success in a snap of a finger and you want to know how everyone on social media is doing it!  Or how they’re so dang pretty, and their life is perfect, and they’re this and that!  All of sudden, before you realize, you’re caught in the social media trap of comparisons and why can’t I have what they have?  The truth is, you can.  You can with commitment and your heart being in the right place.  Your purpose will play out, if it’s truly what you want and what you were meant to do. 

Because I used to suffer from the social media envy, I had to find a way to work through it.  I did learn some very important things, I want to share. 

  1. Most people on social media are doing the same thing you are! Wishing and dreaming they had someone else’s life.

  2. Wishing their lives were perfect too!

  3. People don’t post boring sh*t. Everything that person shares is of their interest!

So how did I get past all the comparisons and learn those lessons?  Other than healing from my past, (if you want to jumpstart dealing with your past check out this blog.) I used affirmations. 

Try to keep in mind you can use all the affirmations you want, but if you’re still holding onto the past, staying a victim and keeping a negative mindset, affirmations will NEVER work.
With that being said, I bet you’re ready!  Ready to start anew!

So let’s begin!

You can download the printable version of the affirmations here. (No email required.)

Affirmations for Comparisons:

  • I am worthy.

  • I am pure beauty.

  • I love my body.

  • I love my life.

  • I am grateful for everything in my life including my struggle.

  • I have the courage to take every step in my life.

  • I have faith in myself and my passion.

Affirmations for Success:

  1. I am confident and strong.

  2. I have the ability to accomplish my dreams.

  3. I have abundance and resources and I am grateful for all that I have.

  4. I have current success and have many opportunities to grow.

Affirmations for Comparisons & Success

Have a story about social media envy?  Comment below.  Let’s connect.