How to Take Your Past Head-on

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Do you have something in your past you’ve never ever told anyone?  Even if it’s your partner and that’s your bff?  (I won’t tell anyone.)  Maybe you have a traumatic past you would rather not relive.  Maybe you have a past you’re really not proud of and hate bringing it up.  Maybe you were bullied as a child and really don’t want to bring up old crap!  Truthfully, I have all those working for me.  I understand how much easier it is to pretend you’ve never had anything bad happen to you.  But everyone knows better including yourself.

What if I told you that your stress, anxiety, emotional distress, and depression that you carry is most likely linked to your past.  Yeah, you probably think I’m crazy right now, but it’s true. 

Most of us carry emotional turmoil from our past that’s directly linked to these symptoms.  There is a way out.  You can let go of depression and anxiety and feeling that you’re never going to be happy. It’s possible to be happy. It’s possible to not resort to depression and anxiety when sh*t hits the fan or just on a regular day.   I’m going to share with you how you can take your past by the reigns and stand up to those demons.

Before we go there, it does require a commitment. Healing isn’t pretty nor is it easy.  If this is something you really truly want for your life and you’re willing to put in the dirty work, read on.  If not, that’s okay.  Not all of us are ready.  Some of us may never be ready. That’s okay.  When the time is right, it will happen.  You’ll know when the time is right.  It will hit you like a ton of bricks.
Let’s start!


I talk about this a lot, as you might have realized already.  But journaling in general can be a life-changing activity.  Even if you don’t use this strategy to take on the past, I recommend it as a daily routine.  It keeps you grounded, you can organize your thoughts, and get all your emotions out.  It’s truly worth it. I really do recommend journaling in general.  But for facing the past I have some specifics.

  1. You can read this blog with journaling prompts on facing the past. It comes with a free download. No email required.

  2. If you don’t want prompts. You want something a little slower pace, which is okay, then start by writing about your day. That’s it. Write about what happened, who was apart of your day, any emotions etc. Then when things start to come up like emotions, start asking yourself why. Why do I feel that way? Why is that hurting me? Why did I hold onto that? Why did I say that? Why did I get so angry? Etc. Just let yourself answer the questions. Don’t hold back, don’t analyze a thing. Just write. Your whys will lead you to your past. This is how I started dealing with my past. Now, it didn’t hit every layer. It certainly opened me up to healing more and more every day. Making it this a life-changing activity. Because the more you’re willing to heal from the past the more your life will change for the better.

How to Take Your Past Head-on

Make lists

Every single day write lists of things that are amazing about you, you’ve accomplished, you’re proud of, what you love about yourself.  Reread these lists.  They will help you start to accept yourself.  Help you realize you have nothing to be ashamed of.  Your past self still did great things. And here they are, tangible in your hand.  Fill your cup up.  You will let the crap pour out.


Without getting into any religious separation at all, praying can really help you.  You can ask for guidance.  You can ask to let go of your past.  You can ask for forgiveness.  You can pray for other people who have hurt you.  Praying isn’t just to cure people with illnesses via Facebook.  Praying for what you need is just as much a miracle as someone recovering from an illness.  It may not measure as miracle by society, but that’s not what matters.  Doing the right thing is. And praying is a true miracle.  And you can ask for anything.  And it is delivered, if it’s truly what you need. (If you want more on my spiritual understandings, check this blog out.)

Practice Forgiveness

I say practice because this sh*t is hard!  First of all, it’s something you build up to.  I certainly wasn’t forgiving people every chance I had.  There are so many techniques out there to help with forgiving others and yourself.  But my fave is writing letters.  I write letters because you can get all your emotions out and release it and let it go! It might take a couple of times.  But I think it works.  This is also something you need to do for yourself.  Yes!  Yourself.  Most of us find it easier to forgive others but when it comes to ourselves we are monsters!  It’s just as important to forgive yourself as it is other people.  Being hard on yourself isn’t helping.  Living in should haves, would haves, isn’t helping.  The more you forgive yourself and realize you made choices with the options you had at the time, the better your life will be.  If you do nothing else and you only want to do one thing, let this be it.  And you don’t even have to forgive other people. It can just be you.  This alone will transform your life.

Working with Gene Keys

This is new for me!  Something I started doing with my spiritual shaman.  When I started working with her, I didn’t really know what to expect.  But what I learned is you can do this gene key work on your own- without paying a coach.  Which is awesome!  But if you’re super interested in deep diving in this you can always contact Johanna Burkhardt.   But if you don’t want that or can’t here is what you do:

  • Get the book. You can do that here.

  • Purchase a journal- yes you will want a journal. Because when you read the chapters you’re gonna want to write about what comes up.

  • Go to enter in your personal information.

  • Each bubble, on your chart, will have a key number in it. Start from the top. Read the correlating chapter/key from the book.

  • Each week move to a different key. As a general guide. Some keys might take longer to breakthrough. It’s okay if it takes you longer. Give it some time.

Be open to what comes out from your emotions etc.  Write in your journal.  Dig deep. 

This practice alone will help you transform your life within weeks.  It has for me.  I highly recommend this. On your own or with a coach.  I know this might be too much for some.  And this will really make you dig deep.  And some of us aren’t ready for that, which is okay.  But if you want the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders, this is the answer.

Remember there is no one size fits all.  I have done all of these.  I have combined all of these.  And I am just now starting to feel like I’m letting go of my past, fully.  This is serious work. It’s not pretty, it does require some heavy lifting.  But it’s f*cking worth it.  Every second of it.  You don’t relive your traumas.  But you can take them head on.  And be ready to transmute your past so you can use it to your benefit.  I never would have thought that was possible, but it is.  Your past and your fears is where everything beautiful lies.  Including your purpose.

Have questions?  Can relate? Have a story.  Leave a comment.  Let’s connect.