Journal Prompts: Helping You Face the Past

Before I give you the prompts, I want to touch base on why journaling is so important!

  1. It helps you process. It can give you a deeper understanding and give you a clear understanding of what’s at hand. This is can be really important for those crazy emotions! (And if you need some guidance on accepting your emotions click here.)

  2. It helps you de-stress. Writing in a journal is like talking to a bestie. They just don’t talk back and sometimes we need that! Plus the self-care/self-love aspect is an added bonus.

  3. It helps you stay grounded. Meaning that you won’t just freak out, at a moment’s notice, because you have something that helps you cope.

There are so many other reasons and you might have your own reasons.  For me, I love to write.  I’ve always been that way.  And writing for me makes it easier to express myself.  Which is probably why I can text books to people! Lol!  Anyway, before I give the prompts let’s talk about facing your past.

Facing your past is truly important for many reasons.  But sometimes it is a rollercoaster of emotions and not as pretty as some people like to pretend it is.  If you’re anything like me, you have dealt with some serious sh*t.  And you rather keep it buried rather than re-hatch it.  But the truth is if you don’t confront it, it will always be in your life!  It will just reappear in different forms!  And trust me I know!  I’m currently learning how that works.  Sometimes, we even think we’ve healed from something and find out that’s not true!  Which I’ve also learned.  The father of my child, is actually a spitting image of my father who I felt abandon me and let someone else do his job.  And I thought I had forgiven my father and let all that go!  And I was wrong.  Which was why I attracted my “baby daddy” into my life in the first place! (As my coach likes to say: we attract into our lives what we need to heal the most.)  Talk about learning to deal with an unhealed picture of yourself.  Anyway, dealing with your past can change your future for the better, and the truth is not all of us can afford a spiritual coach or therapy.  Which is why I suggest journaling.  This is how I started to unpack my baggage.  And I truly believe it can help you too!

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Facing the Past Journal Prompts:

  1. Why haven’t you dealt with your past before?

  2. Why do you want to deal with your past now?

  3. What don’t you like about your life right now?

  4. For each thing you listed that you don’t like, about your life, ask yourself why.

  5. What currently triggers you?

  6. Why do these things trigger you? Think deeper than the issue at hand.

  7. When you write about these triggers what emotions came up?

  8. When you write about triggers who comes to mind?

  9. List 3 things you want to change about yourself. Why haven’t you changed those things?

  10. What are your fave moments from the past?

  11. What’s your biggest learning lesson from the past?

  12. List all the people you need to work on forgiving.

  13. Write one of those people a letter of forgiveness. (You don’t have to send it. So get honest!)

  14. Write about your day-take notes if the past gets brought up.

  15. Why do you hang out/associate with the people you’re around?

  16. Write about one of your exes.

  17. Write about the emotions from the “ex entry”.

  18. What things did you learn about yourself being with your ex?

  19. If you could do something all over again what would it be? And nothing doesn’t count.

  20. What did you learn about yourself from that do over entry?

  21. Write all the things you’ve learned from doing it “the hard way”.

  22. Write a letter to your parents. (You’re not sending. Get honest.)

  23. Write about your emotions and triggers from the parent letter.

  24. What did you learn that you still hold onto-regarding your parents.

  25. What childhood fear do you hold onto still, that’s irrelevant today.

  26. Write about the saddest moment in your life.

  27. What triggers and emotions come from writing about that sad moment?

  28. Write about your proudest moment and how it makes you feel writing about it now.

  29. What are the things you need to work on forgiving yourself for?

  30. Write yourself a letter of forgiveness.

Journal Prompts: Helping You Face the Past

Were there any of these you struggled with?  Leave a comment below!  Let’s work through it.  Let’s connect.