Journal Prompts: Self-Love

Before I give you the prompts, I want to touch base on why journaling is so important!

  1. It helps you process. It can give you a deeper understanding and give you a clear understanding of what’s at hand. This is can be really important for those crazy emotions! (And if you need some guidance on accepting your emotions click here.)

  2. It helps you de-stress. Writing in a journal is like talking to a bestie. They just don’t talk back and sometimes we need that! Plus the self-care/self-love aspect is an added bonus.

  3. It helps you stay grounded. Meaning that you won’t just freak out, at a moment’s notice, because you have something that helps you cope.

There are so many other reasons and you might have your own reasons.  For me, I love to write.  I’ve always been that way.  And writing for me makes it easier to express myself.  Which is probably why I can text books to people! Lol!  Anyway, before I give the prompts, let’s talk self-love.

Self-love isn’t just about getting a mani and pedi.  Although that’s really fun and certainly right up the alley of self-care.  Self-love is about acceptance and loving yourself exactly in this moment as you are.  With all the baggage, with the trauma, issues, and all the amazing stuff too.  Showing yourself this acceptance and love will bring and attract all the right things in your life.  That might mean healing, working out, journaling, learning a new skill, whatever the case may be.  Self-love is apart of self-care.  So don’t just think taking yourself to lunch is self-care, when you beat yourself up the whole time because you’re alone.  They’re hand in hand.  Love and accept yourself.  And to help with that click download below for the free journal prompts for self-love. 

Download printable version here! (No email required.)

Soul Awakening Self-love: The Journal Prompts

Want a physical journal with 360 prompts? Click here.

  1. List 10 things you love about yourself.

  2. List 5 things you’re proud of. Small or big.

  3. Describe how you take care of yourself.

  4. Does your self-care need improvement? How would you improve it?

  5. If someone asked you to describe yourself, how would you?

  6. List 5 things you’re good at .

  7. List 10 things you wish someone told you every single day. Positives only!

  8. Why do you deserve the best in life?

  9. What’s something you survived that should have destroyed you? Explain and use feelings.

  10. How did that event make you stronger?

  11. What does love mean to you?

  12. What brings you the most joy? Explain.

  13. Write yourself a thank you letter. Include your physical body.

  14. What do you do to relax? How often do you do that?

  15. What’s your fave comedy movie or show? Why?

  16. What’s your fave personality trait? Why?

  17. List your accomplishments of the day. How do you feel?

  18. Write yourself 10 compliments.

  19. If you could feel a certain way all day everyday what would it be?

  20. What’s stopping you from having that feeling everyday?

  21. Are those things real or excuses?

  22. Describe your fave childhood memory?

  23. Take your journal & go to a peaceful spot outside & write about how you feel in this moment.

  24. How do you want to be remembered?

  25. List 5 simple things that make you happy?

  26. What’s your fave holiday? Describe your feelings on this day.

  27. Who is your role model & how are you already like he/she?

  28. What’s an embarrassing moment you can look back on & laugh about now?

  29. Write all the things you love about your style. How does your style make you feel?

  30. If you could pass along positivity to the world how would you do it?

Journal Prompts: Self-Love


Were there any that you struggled with?  Leave a comment below, let’s work through them together!  Let’s connect.