Journal Prompts: Faith in Yourself

Do you listen to your gut/instincts or ignore them? Before I give you the prompts, I want to touch base on why journaling is so important!  If you’re interested in a more in-depth blog on this, click here. 

  1. It helps you process.  It can give you a deeper understanding and gives you a clear understanding of what’s at hand.  This is important for those crazy emotions! (And if you need some guidance on accepting your emotions click here.)

  2. It helps you de-stress.  Writing in a journal is like talking to a bestie.  They just don’t talk back and sometimes we need that!  Plus, the self-care/self-love aspect is an added bonus.

  3. It helps you stay grounded.  Meaning you won’t just freak out, at a moment’s notice, because you have something to help you cope.

These are just some of the reasons to journal.  You might have your own.

Before I give you the prompts, let’s talk having faith in yourself.  These prompts are designed to help you become aware of how you have faith in yourself and why you should always have faith in yourself.  These journal entries were made to help you know something and trust what’s inside of you, not outside of you.  If you want to trust yourself more each day then you can do so through journaling.

So let it begin!

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  1. Do you listen to your gut/instincts or ignore them?

  2. Has there been a time when you wish you had listened to your gut?

  3. Write about a time where you could only depend on yourself to get out of something.  How did it turn out?

  4. List 5 reason why you trust yourself verses someone else.

  5. List 5 reasons why someone else can trust you. These are different than listed above.

  6. Do you learn from your mistakes so you don’t make them again?

  7. Do you lead with your heart or brain?

  8. How have you kept yourself safe all these years?

  9. Do you believe you’re an independent person? Why/why not?

  10. What’s something you survived that should have killed you?

  11. Describe a time you wanted to give up but didn’t.

  12. List all your accomplishments.  Small or big.

  13. List all the things you’re good at.

  14. Write about a time you were courageous.

  15. Write about how important loyalty to yourself is.

  16. Write about a time that was the hardest thing you’ve done but it was the right thing to do.

  17. What makes you successful?

  18. What drives/motivates you?

  19. How do you cope or deal with your triggers and emotions?

  20. Write about a time when everything came crashing down but changed you for the better.

  21. Write about a time you felt lost but actually found yourself.

  22. Do you feel you’re a good judge of character?

  23. When you say or do things do you make excuses for them?

  24. Do you stand behind the things you do?

  25. Do you take responsibility when you’re wrong?

  26. Do you believe in yourself?

  27. Do you believe you’re being led by a higher power?

  28. Describe who you are as a person.

  29. Describe why you’re worthy and loved.

  30. Do you have faith in yourself and what you’re capable of?

    Which question(s) did you struggle with?  Leave a comment below.  Let’s connect.

Journal Prompts: Faith in Yourself