The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Vision Board

Are you a woman that sets New Year’s resolutions and gets really motivated for a few weeks and then it suddenly disappears a few weeks later?  You have no idea what happened but you’re crushed because you’ve missed the gym 3 times already, ate crap you weren’t supposed to, missed meditation twice and haven’t even thought of your other goals.  Sweetheart, you’re not alone.  Most people epically fail at their resolutions by about the 3rd week in January.  Yep!  3 weeks. And not too long ago I was in the same boat.  

There are so many solutions to keep that drive and discipline going with your goals but that’s for another day.  Today I am going to share on a more creative, spiritual motivator.  It’s a vision board! Yes!  Those things really do help and they’re fun! So let’s dive in.

Before the Vision Board:

Before you begin your board you need your goals (for the year-at least) set. This will really help you with setting your goals.  If you don’t set your goals or don’t want to, the vision board is useless.  Even if you have some ideas in your head, that’s okay, but the clearer you are the better this will work and the more likely you are to achieve your goals.  In other words: set those goals.

The next thing you should know is and be prepared for: motivation will disappear.  Period.  This is why it’s vital to have healthy habits and disciplines in place.  Because motivation will fail you when you need it most. So remember you won’t feel like executing on your goals like 90% of the time.  But you can combat that with disciplines and habits and visualizations around your house.  Which is why the vision board is so important.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Vision Board

What is a vision board?

Maybe you have heard of this before.  Maybe you have heard it as a dream board or an inspiration board. I like to call it a vision board. The vision board is a creative collage that is meant to help create positive energy that manifests and attracts those intentions into our lives.  Some of you may not believe in energy creating and that’s completely okay.  However, if you think about these goals and this vision on a regular basis, you are more likely to achieve your goals and feel good about the process or journey.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to believe that energy made you achieve your goals.  Whatever you feel is fine but it shouldn’t prevent you from doing this!  The board is to help you envision the life you wish to live, to help you achieve your goals, keep you motivated, and help you visualize what your accomplished goals might look like and even feel like.   It’s simple and inexpensive to create!  

Getting Started-what you’ll need:


  • Scrapbooking paper or card stock paper or construction paper

  • Scissors/cutting board

  • Glue

  • Tape

  • Stapler

  • Staples (Just in case.)

  • Quotes

  • Pictures (can come from the internet or wherever)

  • Magazines (to find your pics-if you want)

  • Cork board or poster board or anything equivalent

Optional supplies:

  • Music

  • Wine

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Vision Board

The Steps to Create the Ultimate Vision Board

  1. You will want to decide on what you’re wanting to accomplish with the vision board. Since you already have your goals in mind and written down, think about what those goals might look like if they were accomplished. Picture how it will make you feel. Picture how you want your board and life to look like. If your goal is to lose weight then search for the body that you like and or that motivates you. That’s what you want to capture for your vision board. Remember this isn’t to compare yourself. This is to help you, motivate you, inspire you. Not drag you down. So if you are constantly comparing yourself to others, especially photoshopped women, I don’t suggest having a picture of the ideal body on your board. Maybe a scale. Maybe some workout plans or something along those lines. And if you’re really needing some assistance with comparisons check out this blog! This isn’t just about pictures either! Don’t forget to pick colors, quotes, anything that is gonna make you go, “This is what my life is! At this very moment this is what I live for!” Remember these can be from your annual goals or a future vision of your life. I do both, but mostly my annual goals since that’s my focus for the year and with my board.

  2. Once you have made your decisions, get your board. I suggest a cork-board or something similar. Poster boards work too. You can find any of these pretty much anywhere. Target or Office Max Depot. Choose if you want to place construction paper or scrapbooking paper on the board directly. The background of my regular board isn’t so nice. So I covered mine up. When doing this make sure you have enough color coordinated paper or the look you’re going for to cover the entire board. Then attach it however you see fit. I used a stapler because I want to be able to reuse my board every year. And if that’s what you plan to do, do not use glue on this part. (I almost did. Then I thought, wait a minute!)

  3. Cut your pictures and quotes according to the size you desire. I actually used to be an avid scrapbooker; I had fun scissors to use plus I had plenty of paper laying around. So I even matted all my pictures just to add to it. You can do the same thing too. It’s totally up to you. Whatever your taste and style is. This is your board. And there isn’t any limits on how creative you ought to be. But it also doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend loads of money!

  4. After you cut your pictures (matted or unmatted) lay each of them out on your board. Make sure it looks okay. Make sure you are okay with the way it looks for the next 365 days. This may not be a tattoo but the truth is, you want to look at this like it’s forever. Make sure everything is in its proper place and you dig the way it looks. If you’re unsure have someone take a look at it for you. If you’re still unsure take 5 minutes and come back to it. Change some things, if needed, come back to it. And repeat this process until you feel like, “Oh yeah! This is it!”

  5. Once you have the placement figured out glue everything one at a time. You might decide to make some minor changes on placement etc. I did that a few times.

  6. After everything is dry (make sure everything is secure) hang it up in a place that you will see the board every single day. I have mine in my room right next to my bed. I see this thing when I wake up, when I am getting dressed, when I am walking in and out of the room, before I go to bed. I could probably tell you if something went missing from it. That’s how often I see this board. You want to recreate that kind of reminder for you. It will constantly generate positive reinforcement in your life. And that’s beautiful! And it will make you feel good every time you see it! And it should recharge your feelings of motivation!

Some Extras:

  • Now that you know how to create this incredible vision board, I want to make some recommendations!

  • Before you begin creating your board play some music that you love. This will help you relax and have some fun with it.

  • Don’t be afraid to have a glass of wine or beer-whatever you like! Or not. It’s all good.

  • Have some fun!

  • Go to an area with plenty of space. That way you can lay everything out you need.

  • For moms: I suggest having your children create one of their own. Or “make their own” -if they’re old enough. They might really enjoy it! And what’s better than entertaining your child and bettering yourself at the same time?!

  • You can use pictures from just about anywhere. Internet, magazines etc. Most of mine are from the internet-mostly Pinterest. (And if you’re a Pinterest junkie like me, feel free to follow me. Click here!)

  • Finish this board in one sitting! That includes the 5 minute break(s)! Do not start this and come back to it. You lose your flow if you stop and come back to it. It takes maybe 2 to 3 hours -seriously at the most! That’s including searching for all those awesome pictures and quotes! So it doesn’t take too long. If would rather get techy with it, cool! Place it as your background at work, at home, your phone, your tablet, your screen saver, lock screen. (I am not sure if there is another screen to add, but if there is add it there.)

  • Make sure it would resemble and feel exactly how it would be if it were physical.

  • Just like your goals review and revisit at least once a year. Because your goals change from year to year and your board should resemble those new goals.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Vision Board

Tying it Together

Vision boards are meant to help you create a vision you want for your life.  Attract those things-your goals.   It also reinforces and recharges your motivation.  Follow the steps and have some fun while you create yours!

Taking Action   

Make your board now!  Comment pics of your board below.  Feel free to share your board on the socials too.  Use the #asfreeasyousee.  And if you feel like anyone can benefit from this blog feel free to share the love!