5 Simple Ways to Deal with Holiday Stress

Don’t you just love the holidays?  Are you one of those girls that’s ready for the holidays by Halloween?  Or maybe you dread them because it’s not your thing.  No matter how you see the holidays, it’s cool because we all know what the holidays are really like: family and the in-laws, fighting, bickering, and drama about where to go and what to bring and who will host the f*cking dinner.  Plus if there are any distant relatives, you have to think of what to say without actually telling them you have no idea who they are.  Or maybe for some of us it means church services even though we haven’t been there all freaking year! In my opinion- I’m pretty sure Jesus knows you haven’t been all year.

5 Simple Ways to Deal w. Stress During the Holidays

No matter how ugly, stressful, drama-y or overwhelming the holidays are for you, the purpose of the holidays are about bringing friends and family together to celebrate the opportunity of being alive, healthy and grateful that you’re able to surround yourself with a feast and loads of drinks. (I’m talking about all the holidays, here.) But sometimes we get caught up in the superficial BS and play into it.  Nonetheless it’s possible to grab the holidays by the reigns and enjoy it and stress less.

And here are some ways you can make the holidays more about love and less about stress.

  1. Don’t take the bait. Meaning if your mom says some BS or insist on doing family dinner because it makes you an angry person or a stress-ball or whatever, let her and let her talk all she wants. This is just an example, but understand a lot of people do things like this to get a rise, because they can or because they need to be in control-reflection of them not you. So if that’s the case try not to sweat it. It’s not worth it. It just turns into one big argument. And if you can be the bigger person and not get involved. It will reflect your character and make things less stressful and it will get better as time goes on. This is actually a great tip all year long!

  2. Spend more quality you time. Even though you’re family is around doesn’t mean you can’t be alone for 5 minutes. Enjoy it and do it and don’t feel guilty about it. It’s not about them. It’s about you. So remember to get that 5 minutes in. If you can get longer, even better.

  3. Be grateful for the things you have and that you’re actually gathering with your loved ones. So many people go hungry or don’t have family to celebrate with. Your family might drive you crazy but at least you have one. Cherish the moments no matter the dynamic.

  4. Do the things with your family and friends that brings you joy or the things you truly love about the holidays. For example, my fave part of Christmas is decorating the house and the tree. So every year around my bday (I’m a December baby) my family comes over and decorates the tree with me. It’s truly the best feeling and memories I have of Christmas. Doing things you love during the holidays will make happy memories and make it easier to deal with the family. And you’ll be 100% present which is important. It’s about the quality at this point.

  5. Don’t stay as long as you normally would. If your family is truly draining and toxic it’s in your best interest to escape asap. You might love your family but that doesn’t mean you have to deplete yourself to satisfy them. This is called healthy boundaries. And if you want more on that click here. Remember this is still your life even though it’s the holidays.

5 Simple Ways to Deal w. Stress During the Holidays

Bonus- I know around this time people are anxious and stressed about their finances.  Remember the more you believe there is enough and plenty of money- the more there will be enough and plenty. So don’t go around saying how much you don’t have. There’s always enough. (If you’re interested in more, check out this blog on the Law of Attraction.)

Tying it Together

Don’t let holiday stress bring you down. These simple tips really can make the time with your family and friends so much more enjoyable.  Remember the true reason why we gather for the holidays. It’s not about things and dinner.  It’s about being around your loved ones and being grateful that you have the opportunity to create memories and share laughter and love.  Not everyone has this. Keep that in mind.

Take Action

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.  How do you feel about the holidays?  Will any of the these tips help?  Let me know below. And if you feel like anyone can benefit from this blog, spread the love on the socials and use #asfreeasyousee.