6 Ways to Getting More Done

Ever have one of those days where you’re running around getting all these things done and then realize you actually didn’t get anything on your to-do lists done?  It’s like yeah!  Look at this stuff I did.  Oh!  Wait!  Nothing I needed to get done got done.  Then it ruins your moment of accomplishment.

I think this would happen to me at least 3 of the 5 work days as an assistant.  I would have so much I needed to get done only to be interrupted every 5 minutes to do something that wasn’t apart of the list.   Luckily we don’t all have to live that life.  Or always feel like we aren’t getting things done.  I can’t stop the interruptions (sorry about that assistants 😊), but what I can do is give you some insights on how you can actually get your stuff done.  Actually finish all your to-dos (must dos) for the day.  AKA being more productive and feeling good about it.  This also helps with higher self-esteem especially confidence in your abilities.  And getting “real” stuff done is a closer step to finding your freedom and peace within.  It will require some work, but I know you can do it!

Let’s get started!

Learn to get more out of your day with these 6 easy steps.  Remove distractions and set the mood when planning your week.  Understand why setting your purpose or outcomes is more important than your daily tasks.  Get more productive and get more of your stuff done with this how-to blog.


The idea is to get you focused on what you truly need to achieve, which I will get into.  But in order to complete your tasks there are some things you will want to get out of our “work zone”.  Your work zone is basically your environment that you are working in.  It’s time to start clearing:

  • So if you aren’t working with social media or your phone- put your phone in another room. I say another room because it’s so easy to stop what you’re doing to check the chime from your phone. (I put mine on silent on the charger while I’m working. That may not work for you, but it is an option.)

  • Remove anything that might distract you. Maybe an IPad or the TV- turn it off.

  • Create a stress-free atmosphere. In order to do this, try not to stress about how much you have to do. Realize that you need to take action and being stressed will prevent you from getting this done. Stress and anxiety are time killers. “You ain’t got time for that.” This also means staying organized and clutter free so you aren’t wasting time finding things you need.

  • Set the mood. Meaning if music helps you work- put it on. If lighting a candle helps- light it up. If drinking a glass a wine helps-by all means do it- just watch that consumption rate. Might end up a little drunk rather than completing anything. (I only say this because I’m guilty as charged. 😉) Just because this is about getting things done doesn’t mean that you have to be trapped to the idea of what that might look like to someone else and their work environment. If you are in a position to work how you want, do it.

Remember this is ultimately up to you.  Your effort=what you achieve

Image 1

And to do that, I’m going to provide you more steps on getting more stuff done.

The Steps

1. Ask yourself what’s your purpose for today?  OR what do you want your outcomes to be?  Ask either one of these questions so you’re clear on what exactly you need to do daily.  This way you’re aware of your priorities for the day.  This will help you focus on results rather than everything you have to do.  If you preplan weekly- think of what you want your weekly outcomes/purpose to be.   (This is how I plan my weeks.  It has helped dramatically.) A little hint: this is something you can do on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis for goals too. 
2. Now that you know your purpose/outcomes decide everything you must do to get the results you want.  I recommend a calendar or a planner.  It can be a digital calendar or a physical calendar.  Whatever works best for you.  There aren’t hard facts on this because everyone is different in how they achieve what they want.  (I use a physical planner.  I just do a lot better writing things down.  I know that’s super old school- but it works for me.)  So don’t feel like you can’t do certain things because it’s not the norm.  Always do what’s best for you.
3. Next you want to group everything together that is alike.  So anything and everything that goes together circle them or group or number them.  Whatever works best for you, is fine.  See example below: 

Example 1

4. Now you have an idea of what you will work on each day and the groups that each tasks belongs to.   So make sure that you flow with your groups.  Meaning your alike tasks should be worked on back to back.  So once you finish one tasks for that group move on to the next tasks for that group.  A Little hint: If you are one of those people that is easily forgets and stays on the tasks or forgets about everything else, I recommend setting a timer.  This way something is reminding you to go to the next tasks.  The timing is dependent on how much time you have and how much time it takes to complete the tasks.  You have be the judge of that.  There aren’t hard facts on this either.  You have to judge what may work.  A little hint: this is learned with trial and error.  It does take time.  And as you get better at certain things you might use less time.  Some things you’re learning might take more time.  For example:  the first YouTube video I did took my almost 3 hours.  Now a video takes me about 30 minutes.
5. Cross everything you finish off your list.  This might sound ridiculous, but you truly see what you have actually completed on regularly.  This helps you feel that you have achieved something.  It also helps motivate you for the next day or if you have anything left you need to do.  It will also help with the trial and error of timing everything.  Plus it keeps you on track.  So you’re not wondering if you did xyz already.  In a perfect world we would remember but often we don’t.
6. Rinse and repeat daily for full benefits!  If you plan weekly then make sure to set some time aside every week to plan.  You can preset your clock or you can do that daily.   Just repeat.  Consistency is key.

Learn to get more out of your day with these 6 easy steps.  Remove distractions and set the mood when planning your week.  Understand why setting your purpose or outcomes is more important than your daily tasks.  Get more productive and get more of your stuff done with this how-to blog.

Tying It Together 

The bottom line is that your behavior on attempting your to-do is vital to your success for the week, month or year etc.  Your behavior/habits determine whether or not you accomplish a goal.  It’s all about the work you put into it.  Remember to get the distractions out of your work zone.  Even if that means you move your phone and other electronics out of the room.   Think purpose or outcomes oriented rather than how much you have to.  Doing this will help with your stress levels and helps you stop killing time.  Truthfully you will waste time being worried and stressed.   So try not to stress too much.   Follow the steps above and repeat daily.  You will feel more accomplished than ever before.

Take Action

Take your tasks you have to do today and decide what you want your outcomes to be.  Then group and plan out your tasks for the day.  I challenge you to do this for 30 days.  If you need a tracker click here.  It will help you make this a habit.
And if you accept the challenge and want to share on socials about your progress use the #asfreeasyousee.  And don’t feel shy, I would love to cheer your progress on and support you
And if you know anyone that can benefit from this blog, please feel free to share the love. 😊