Law of Attraction Explained

Law of attraction.  What the hell is it really?  I just say shit and things will appear in my life?  Do I actually just have to think and BAM! There we go!  Everything I ever wanted appears?  Like money, a new job, losing weight?!  Seriously!?  What is the sorcery?

If you’re anything like me you probably asked yourself or someone these questions before.  And it’s cool because I think everyone has similar beliefs when they first hear about it.  But the Law of Attraction has been around for a loooong time.  In fact, I first learned about Law of Attraction in a philosophy book, while in school, crazy, huh?  Which most likely means Law of Attraction isn’t the sorcery we want to believe it is. 

So what is it?  Well today I am going to explain!

What is Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction (I am gonna call it LOA for short… It’s a lot to type a million and one times. 😉) comes down to like attracts like.  Meaning that if you want to have certain things you want to attract that energy in your life and to achieve this you have to start by loving yourself and manifesting positivity into your life. 

It’s like karma that you kinda control.  Yes, I said control!  This is all based on your thoughts and the way you treat yourself!  Which you control. You’re probably thinking I might struggle with my positive self-talk or whatever!  Here’s the truth: it takes work. And it can be hard!  But if you truly want freedom and peace within in yourself this can help a great deal!

Now that you know what LOA is let’s get on to the fun stuff… like the how. 

Law of Attraction Explained

How Law of Attraction Works 

So here is a little secret behind this LOA.  

Sometimes you get some of what you or something isn’t necessarily what you imagined.   Whatever the case is.    So what do you need to do to change that?

First, you need to get clear on exactly what you want and how you want to feel!  Yes!  Feel!  ALL the details.  No detail is too small.  Then you want to make sure ALL your thoughts align with this feeling.   For example let’s say you want to have an honest partner.  None of your partners have been honest to you before.  In order to achieve this start being honest with yourself and to others in your life first.  The rest will follow. Now you have put honesty in the world and energy creation begins or attracts. But why doesn’t it work all the time? 

It because your subconscious and conscious thoughts are not aligning.  There are thoughts that you subconsciously think that are preventing you from what you want.  In order to align these thoughts you must get to the bottom of the emotional events and thoughts that are causing these negative or destructive thoughts.  So you might have to dig a little dip to fix that.  But once you do it everything changes.  (I suggest writing in your journal about those thoughts.  And if you’re interested, here’s a great blog on why you should start using a journal, if you don’t already.)

Whether or not you believe LOA really works, the benefits of unpacking your baggage is priceless.

How to Align Your Thoughts 

In order to align some of those thoughts you have to dig deep emotionally.   If certain feelings arise that you struggle with find out why.  That might require some digging up some things you don’t like, but it’s worth it. 

I am going to share a personal example.  I’d been struggling financially with student debt and mortgage and trying to get everything off the ground etc.  Still working my 9-5 but it didn’t seem like enough.  Just one thing after another.  I started to do my visualizations etc. And normally I don’t give people on the streets money.  I normally believe I can’t afford to do that.  (This is after my visualizations and positive thoughts etc.) Something in me decided to give to these gentlemen some money and I started to feel less stress about my financial situation.  But my previous thoughts seemed to creep back up.   I then started to wonder why.  And started to actively ask myself why.   What was I subconsciously thinking I didn’t realize?.  Well for a long time I thought I was worthless.   Which stems from my childhood and that translated into my relationships with men.  So there were some deep rooted issues I hadn’t addressed.  Even though I had changed those thoughts, consciously, I hadn’t subconsciously addressed or changed those thoughts because there were still traces of believing I was worthless.  So I started actively working on it.  Digging deep into those emotions.  And quite honestly- it’s been pretty though.  I get it.  Sometimes healing pasts wounds isn’t as glamorous as we like to believe it is.

Well the other day I received a settlement notice in the mail worth $200. It’s not much, but it’s proof that it’s working and it’s money I didn’t have before.   So if you’re after making LOA work make sure ALL your thoughts are aligning and if they aren’t start digging up those emotions to address.  And focus on yourself first.  And focus on how you want to feel and don’t be afraid to give back.

Law of Attraction Explained


You can find so much on the Law of Attraction.  Just consume as much of it as you can and start testing it out.  Start creating visualizations and ideas about what you want. Write in a journal.  You never know if something is going to work until you try it.  The plus is destroying your baggage and subconscious thoughts that are messing you up and you don’t even know it!  Being aware is half the battle!  Just imagine what you could do if you could change those thoughts too!  May as well try, right? 

Personal note: since I have gotten really clear on what I want and practice my visualizations, practice actively loving myself, my motivation, my determination, my tasks accomplishment lists are infinite.  It really has helped!   OH!  And!  I even wrote a letter on my perfect partner/man.  And put it my wallet!  (I will let you know if that works!!) I wanted to try something since I haven’t much luck dating.  So I decided I was going to try t!  Why not?

Tying It Together

The Law of Attraction is a useful tool that can help you generate anything in your life.  It also has an added benefit of making you dig deep in your emotions and how they are truly running your life.  You can learn to control these emotions and thoughts with a little practice.  It does call for some patience But if you get really clear on what you want and start putting that into the world you will receive it back.  But remember if you want something from the world start by loving yourself first! This is the most important factor and includes changing ALL your thoughts into something more empowering and loving.

Taking Action

Try this today!  Even if you just practice self-love.  Remember patience.  It will come back around.  Share your results, If you would like to share on socials use the #asfreeasyousee.  I would love to see all your amazingness.  And if you know someone that would benefit from this please share the love! 😊