How to Team Up with the Universe

Have you ever vented about your stress or certain situation on Facebook or to your besites and someone’s like just pray on it?  Or maybe ask the universe for it?  And you’re just like, yeah I have been.  And all you’re thinking: that’s not solving my problem at all, right now!  You know they had good intentions but you’ve been praying about it and the stress and the problems are still freaking there.   

The reality is you can’t just pray or ask the universe for it and think that is going to fix every single thing.  I am in no way telling you to stop praying.  I want you to continue to pray and ask the universe for it.  But I want you to know the Universe or God (whatever you believe, that’s okay) spells team.   

What? What do you mean? 
I mean there is only so much God or the Universe can do for you if you’re not taking action on opportunities in front of you.  Or solutions being presented to you.  That’s how God/Universe is speaking to you.  That’s how you’re being helped.  And if you’re so caught up in the stress that you don’t take action, then the stress and anxiety will stay regardless of how much you pray about it.  

I want to touch on this because some people seem to get the idea that praying for it means you won’t have to work on it.  BAM!  Suddenly everything is fixed.  It doesn’t work that way.  Praying is meant to ask for the resources.  Praying to have problems solved doesn’t necessarily work because what’s happening in your life has a purpose.  Whether you see it now or not is a different story.  In order to learn that lesson there is some work involved on your end.  Nevertheless, don’t stop praying.  Especially about the things you can’t control.    But how do you know what you can/can’t control?  Because if you’re anything like me, if you could control everything, you would.  So knowing what you can/can’t control can be hard.   

Learn to take action when you're feeling the stress.  Learn that God/Universe is there to help  you and speaking to you. Learn to team and do what you can to have a more positive stress-free life. 

The Steps to understanding what you can/can’t control

How do you get to the understanding or the realization of the that you can/can’t control?

If you take some time to think about the situation, it can help a great deal.  Firstly think about if after you’re calm and little more rational.  When you’re in the moment that may not be possible.  So giving it some times is okay.  But don’t wait too long.  Then go through these steps one by one to help you decide.  You can use this for any situation that’s stressing you out, causing you anxiety, overwhelm etc.

  1. Ask yourself what happened? What transpired that is making you feel this stress? (If you’re seriously triggered ask yourself why. It might be much, much deeper than the situation at hand.)

  2. Write down all the things that you can’t control. Can’t write it? Think about it. (Usually related to other people, the action or the event that took place, or the past.)

  3. Write down or think of all the things you can control. (Your reaction, your next steps, who to call, and what to do, etc.)

  4. Start taking action on the things you can control immediately. (Remember one thing at a time. And If you leave these actionable items untouched you will carry the stress regardless.)

  5. Complete your action list. Do everything you can- and pray on the things you can’t control

  6. To help with the stress write about it in your journal. Because praying and taking action on things is truly the answer but sometimes you need to have a little patience. And journaling will keep you calm until the issue is truly resolved. (If you want more on journaling click here.)

Learn to take action when you're feeling the stress.  Learn that God/Universe is there to help  you and speaking to you. Learn to team and do what you can to have a more positive stress-free life. 

How the Universe Spells T.E.A.M.

This is to help you if you can’t quite remember the steps.  Something fun to zap all that crap stress/anxiety in your life.


If you have spent too much of your time worrying and stressing about it then start taking action.

If you wish, first pray about it.  (Actually, you should really start with praying.  Especially before you’re over stressed and pulling your hair out.) Pray to see the resources and guidance.  You may not see it now, but eventually you will start to see the answers.  That’s God/Universe speaking back.


Pray on the things you can’t control.  In return take action on the items you can control.  So in other words you are exchanging your stress and anxiety for items you can take action on.  Remember when I mentioned #3- write down or think of all the things you can control.  Sometimes you may not know who to call and where to start etc.  You exchange your stress for seeing solutions.  They will come to you, but only if you release or surrender the stress and or anxiety that’s holding you back from the answers.   Sometimes we’re so wrapped up in our heads we aren’t seeing the things we need.  Even if it’s right in front of us.


Take action on anything and everything you can.  If you leave any item untouched you can control you will still feel the stress.  So don’t stay stagnant.   And don’t act like things are just happening to you and poor you.  Stop making excuses and do your part.  Take action.  If you don’t take action or refuse to action what was the point of praying for the help?


Manifest the outcomes you would like for taking action.  How do you want to feel, what do you want the purpose to be?  Have clarity so you can get the things you desire.  Why?  Because you will release the tension and stress this way.  Your body will condition itself like the problem is already solved.   Just imagine the results this could cause.  Manifesting plus praying.  Truly worth it!

Tying It Together 

Remember you have to take action just as much as you pray.  If you just pray on it, you will miss the opportunity to fix the problem.  But don’t pray for the problem to be gone.  Pray for guidance and realization of resources.  Because whatever is going on-it’s happening for a reason.  Don’t take the learning experience away from you.  Without the learning experiences in your life you will not change or grow.  And that’s exactly what you want to have to build a vision for your life.   And remember you and the Universe spells TEAM

Time, Exchange, Action, Manifest.

Take Action

Feel stressed?  Try this process, now.  Or the next time something like this happens try these tips.  And if you want, share your results on the socials.  Use the #asfreeasyousee.  I would love to support your growth and cheer you on.  And if you know anyone that might benefit from this feel free to share the blog.  Spread the love. 😊