6 Tips to Get Yourself Out of Chaos

Do you ever just feel like why is this crap happening all the time?  Why can’t it just be cool and be peaceful and without any problems?  There’s always stress!  I’ll be lucky to get any sleep.  Let alone all the stuff that goes on in my head all day long.  It’s seriously like laundry.  The never end f*cking story.  Can’t it just stop?!

Girl, I feel you.  But all of that can stop or at least slow down a bit.  It does require some work on your end.  But you can have peaceful sleep and drama free days. Life doesn’t have to be an epic battle of reality TV.  And today I’m going to tell you just how you can do that.   You can live in a balanced more peaceful life.  Remember it does require your commitment, but if you’re ready read on.

From Negative to Positive

Look, I get things happened.  Especially when sh*t hits the fan the second you wake up. And it totally sets the mood for the day.  But there is a way to set the mood right.  So that coffee stain on your shirt, on the biggest day of your life, isn’t as bad as it seems.  And here’s how:

  1. Breathe. No matter where you are- stop doing whatever you’re doing. Take three deep breaths; in through your nose and out through your mouth.

  2. Think of 3 things that make you happy. If you’re in a position to write, write them down.

  3. If that still doesn’t change the mood, think of 3 things you are grateful for in your life.

  4. Think of 3 people you couldn’t live without.

  5. And then think of 3 things you love about yourself.

This should really help you feel better.   Because you’re focused on positive and being grateful instead of being focused on the negative things you continue to let drag you down.  Doing these things can really control your mind from being negative.  At least most of the day.  Sometimes it does require rinse and repeat.   It also reminds you that you have positive things and people in your life.  Which can help stimulate positivity back into your life.

Date Yourself

Dating yourself can do amazing things for your mental health.  Not only do you get to do what you want but you also get to have some time to yourself which is so important.  So if you are feeling a little down or even just feeling stressed take back control by taking yourself to coffee/tea.  You can take yourself to the movies.  If you can’t afford to do any of these then just sit with yourself in a quiet room and drink coffee/tea from home.  Sit outside and watch the sun rise.  (I actually do this in my backyard when the weather is nice.  I have coffee, my journal, and of course my Pitbulls.)

Dating yourself doesn’t necessarily require money.  But you can also treat yourself to help get your mind in the right place.  You can do things like go get a mani or pedi.  Maybe even get a massage, do some shopping.  Go get a glass of wine at the bar by yourself.  (Single ladies -who knows who could be there!)  To my moms, I know how hard this can be.  In fact, it can be down right impossible.  But even if it’s once a month, it is so important that you have this time to yourself.  Even if it’s only 30 minutes.  Everyone around you will notice and you will be happier and so will your family!  So just do it, MOM! 

The idea is to do the things that you enjoy in peace.  This way you can relax and recharge.  Which is perfect for keeping your mental health in check.  But dating isn’t the only thing you can do.  You can practice some things on a regular basis.  And this is the most important things you can do.  And it deals with your physical health.

Check your Physical activity & Eating habits

You may not believe, but your eating habits are vital to your mental health.  If you are eating out all the time or eating fried foods and tons of sugar, you’re likely to have mood swings and withdrawals.  Plus you’ll feel sluggish and exhausted.  And I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel so disgusting after eating garbage all day long.  If you are eating a balanced diet and eat those “awfully good” foods in moderation your attitude and mental health will change.  You feel lighter and happier.  You feel more energized and will be able to accomplish more.   What we eat is meant for fuel and survival.  Not comfort and luxury.  Look ladies, I get it.  I used to weigh 280 pounds.  I was a fat girl pretty much all my life until I was 24.  And if I could eat pizza and drink beer and not get fat, I would.  But the reality: it does make me fat.  Let alone how crappy I would feel.  So yes, I am human and still love pizza and beer.  It’s okay in moderation.  But on a regular basis watching your diet and regulating the food you eat can seriously change your life.

 It’s virtually the same with your physical habits.  If you do some type of physical activity at least 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes you’ll feel better.  Not only because the endorphins your body releases but also you won’t feel as stressed or sluggish.  And you actually have more energy and feel ready and capable of taking on the day.  This is so important in being able to find your freedom!  Getting stuff done!  Isn’t that amazing?  A little note:  do things you want to do.  And if you want to start doing something, you have never done before, pace yourself.  And stick with it.  But if you’re sore and it’s draining-give it 2 weeks.  After that you’ll feel better and want to keep the momentum going.  And when you’re at the stop of the stress mountain sometimes regular routine won’t help.  If that’s the case consider the next tip.


Get the chaos out of your life by shifting your mindset from negative to positive by creating healthy habits.  Learn an alternative to mantras and always doubting yourself.  Get unstuck with goal setting and start loving yourself.

A little Vacay

Taking some vacay is not just for the richAnd it should happen before you ever feel like you need to get away from this place. Taking vacation is important to your mental health.  It’s important to escape the daily routine let alone the stress your job might bring.  It’s vital to your stress management to take some time off every once in awhile.  

And if you’re plugged in all the time and not sure you can’t be without your phone, consider going to a place where you don’t have any service.  It’s truly amazing!

Travel can be a great cure for the blues.  It can also rejuvenate your thoughts and help your creative thinking which ultimately makes you a better employee or boss.  Or what the case maybe.   So just remember do not wait until the last patience is out to take a vacay.  Enjoy your time away.  And love it.  Go to where you want and soak it all up.   But what happens when you get home and need a vacay from your vacay?

Planning and Organizing are not just for work

When you get home do you ever feel just as overwhelmed as you were working?  (No matter what you do.)  How many times do spend hours looking for something you just saw yesterday? Most of us only take the time to plan and organize for work.  But the truth is it should happen at home too.  This shouldn’t be one of those things you leave at the door!  Organizing all the things you want or need to organize can give you a sense of calm and a sense of accomplishing something.   Let alone being more productive and less stressed.  You will literally fee less stressed if your home is organized and tidy Which is a great motivator. You can organize things like the kitchen cabinets, the closets, your office, etc. 

If this seems like a lot so break it down in months.  One a month organize the kitchen the next month organize the office.  You feel so much better and your mind will be more at ease.   And you feel less likely to need that vacay from vacay.

This is pretty much the same concept for planning.  Get a planner or use your phone.  Make sure you have all your days and months planned.  This way you know what you have to work around as far as appointments and you won’t feel like that chicken with its’ head cut off feeling. Trust me!  Planning and organizing can help you feel less stress and more in control of your life! Yes, it’s one of those things you can control!!

Get some goals for your life

Setting goals is super important to your life.  You have a purpose that will lead you away from the drama and certain people.  Plus the growth that it creates.  It truly builds higher self-esteem and gives you a sense of accomplishment.   Even if it’s just one for the year.  Even if it’s only 2 or 3 goals.  That’s okay.  Set these goals and execute them.  Setting and making these goals will make you feel better about yourself.    And you become more disciplined and focused.

So set those goals and accomplish them.  Your whole life can change based on these goals let alone your mental health.

Tying it Together

All of these things can dramatically change the chaos in your life.  Especially your mental health.  It is so vital to your life that you are in a position to control your mind.  Not the other way around.  That’s right!  You don’t have to be a slave to your mind.  You own it.  Not the other way around! 

Take Action

Pick one of these.  Just something that resonated with you or make you feel like yeah, I can do that.  Now practice this every single time you feel stressed or on a regular basis.  And if you want,  share your growth on socials and use the #asfreeasyoursee.  I would love to see you practice your peace and cheer you on.  And if you think of someone that would benefit from this blog, please feel free to share the love. 😊