About Angela

Angela Turpin is a Breakthrough coach certified in NLP, TimeLine Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. Angela helps women who are feeling stuck, trapped, and defeated get unstuck, thrive, and become

She has spent the last several years empowering women to find their purpose and thrive.

Having spent years dealing with depression, anxiety, and feeling stuck and trapped, she turned her traumatic past into power.

Committed to helping women see their true potential, Angela has helped women see their power through journaling, virtual training series and one to one coaching.

Passionate about healing the past and letting things go, she has created a successful and thriving environment for women to grow, learn, and become unstoppable.

She is on a mission to help a million women transform their lives using breakthrough coaching by the
year 2030, and she is on her way to creating that.

Take the first step to healing from a traumatic past by signing up for my healing series today.

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