10 Signs Unhealed Trauma is Impacting Your Life

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As an adult, most of us push everything down inside of us. Especially trauma. Why? Because thinking about the past causes pain.

Trauma isn’t something that goes away with time.
Trauma is something that must be seen, heard, and understood.

Healing trauma isn’t about bypassing everything, so you’ll feel good.

It’s about accepting the dark with the light.
It’s about self-love.
It’s about being aware of how trauma impacts your life.

Some might not even realize trauma is, in fact, hurting their lives.

Below, I’m giving 10 signs that trauma is impacting your life.

You might be aware. You might not. I feel it’s something everyone needs to know.
Why? Because we interact with people regularly.

Why not understand the signs or at least recognize them?

The Signs

  1. You don’t trust yourself or others: Your reaction might be, well, people have done shady shit to me. Girl, I feel you. I’ve experienced the same thing. What about your ability to trust yourself? Do you really listen to yourself when you see the red flags? What about when you really want to do something? Or don’t? If you’re not trusting other people, it’s really a sign you don’t trust yourself. This is also a sign of trauma impacting your life.
  2. Isolation: This one is a biggie. Again, I get you might have been through some things with people that suck. However, not having friends around, family around, etc., is actually a trauma response. Most people who isolate don’t trust, but they also feel so different that they don’t know how to relate to people.
  3. People-pleasing: If you can’t stop people-pleasing, this is usually a symptom of past trauma. Usually narcissistic or physically abusive parents or care-givers. This is to an extreme. Where you can’t live your life without being concerned if someone is going to approve of what you’re doing. If you’re living according to their standards. Or you’re afraid to say to anyone.
  4. Lack of boundaries: If you can’t hold boundaries to anyone. You can’t provide yourself structure. This is a sign of trauma. It’s because you’re used to being treated a certain way or not being allowed any privacy. So you let people walk all over you because you’re afraid of hurting people’s feelings. Eventually, this leads to people taking advantage of you. Hurting you.
  5. Outburst of unexplained emotions: The body remembers everything. You may not but the body. That’s why things come out of nowhere. That’s why you can’t control your emotions from repressed memories of trauma.
  6. Hyper independence: If you feel like you can’t ask anyone for help, if you don’t want to, you think it’s a sign of weakness, you’re afraid to, and more. This is a sign of trauma. Not a sign of healthy independence. When you’re healthy, you know when to ask for help. You know your limits, and you accept them.
  7. Afraid of rejection, judgment vulnerability: You believe that this connection with people is unsafe and someone will cause you harm at some point. This is a sign of trauma. Connection comes from vulnerability. Yes, there are always the risks of rejection and judgment. It’s unhealthy to keep your feelings locked up and people at arm’s length.
  8. Unwarranted fear takes over: Also known as overthinking, over-analyzing, paranoia, etc., etc. Your ego has fully taken over where you can’t do a single thing without thinking it 100% through 50 million different outcomes—trauma response.
  9. Numb to everything: You know that dead inside feeling? Yeah, it’s a trauma response.
  10. Wearing masks: When you put on a façade for everyone, but deep down, you probably don’t like yourself. You think that everyone does the same thing—trauma response.

Sometimes the impact of trauma is so subtle we miss it. In reality, it’s hurting us. You don’t have to continue to live your life in this way. You can turn everything around.
There is hope. There are answers. You can heal. Start your journey today. Live in your freedom.

Take a strong first leap in your healing journey right now and begin recovering from the trauma in your past by entering your name and email address below to receive my healing email series and unleash your inner Badass Warrior Goddess today.

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