10 Lies Light Workers Tell You About Healing

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I know that you’ve heard all the stories from the lightworkers about healing.

Some lightworkers do amazing work.

Most lightworkers have good intentions.

I’ve learned after 6 of my own healing.  Plus, 2 of those years I started working with clients, I realized that some serious lies come from the lightworker communities.

I’ve heard so much misleading information about healing I thought it was time to address the lies.

I thought it was time to make you aware of what’s being sold.

Healing from trauma isn’t an easy feat.

It’s especially not something you magically arrive at either.

My intention is to get honest about what you’re hearing about healing from trauma.

The Lies

  1. Everything is good vibes only: (Insert eye roll here).  Things are not always good vibes.  Especially when you’re healing.  In fact, our society has bought into the good vibes only that positive culture is destroying us.  The reality is things are not always good vibes.  Especially while you’re healing from trauma.  It will be a rollercoaster for a while.  I had a client that told me she thought you were supposed to be happy every single day and didn’t understand why the work she was doing on her own wasn’t working.  It’s because you’re not gonna be happy every single day, every second.  Do you want good vibes?  Hell yeah.  Doesn’t means it’s only!
  2. You can spiritually bypass any negative feelings:  First of all, we label emotions negative or positive.  Most of us would rather ignore the negative emotions yet have no idea how to feel the positive ones.  It’s hurting us. Emotions just are.  If you allow the emotions to run their course, it will be gone within 2 minutes.  Yes, you can just let it runs its course, and it will go away quicker than a meditation.  Spiritually bypassing your negative emotions is, in fact, avoiding and escaping them.  That means later on, that emotions will just be more intense.  I know if you’re healing from trauma, the last thing you want are emotions more intense than they currently are.
  3. Once you’ve healed, everything is rainbows: I do love some rainbows.  What they don’t tell you is that healing is really an ongoing journey.  You’ll have life come at you, people will trigger you, etc.  You’ll also still have bad days and more.  It’s because healing from trauma is actually a lot of unlearning.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time to de-layer everything.  That doesn’t mean you won’t have good days.  It’s just a not permanent sunshine fest. Mainly because it’s not a destination, to begin with.
  4. Just think happy thoughts to get what you want:  This one is the biggest load of bs I’ve ever heard. (That I used to believe.)  If I had to think happy thoughts to get everything I wanted, I would be making billions of dollars already.  What they don’t tell is that you must be aligned with what you want to get it.  Happy thoughts are great.  However, you must also believe you’re worthy, and you must be aligned with it.  Happy thoughts only change your attitude and the way you view life.  Which does help! Yes, of course.  This also won’t help you heal.  Why?  Because you have an unconscious and subconscious mind, my friends.  That’s where all your conditioning and trauma are stored.
  5. Healing is a beautiful journey: When I first started healing, I heard this a lot.  I was wondering wtf was wrong with me.  My journey was ugly, messy, and hard.  I had no idea how my journey was supposed to be so beautiful.  I couldn’t figure it out.  They fail to tell you that when you get to the point in your healing journey, it’s beautiful.  Beautiful on the other side.  Beautiful at a certain point.  It’s not when you first start. It’s really more like a storm when you first start.
  6. Healing is some grand event that happens all at once: Again, healing from trauma is a journey.  It’s a lifelong commitment.  You don’t just wake up one morning and feel healed, safe, loved, accepted.  Nope!  I wish. Don’t get me wrong, working one to one with someone will help you get there quicker.  It’s a journey because once you’re done working with that person, you must continue doing the work.
  7. It’s only about the light: As much as I love the light, the dark is truly where all the healing from trauma occurs. Yes, queen in the dark.  In the places, you’re most scared of.  In the place that makes you wish you never knew.  The reality is your demons don’t sit in the light.  They sit in the dark, waiting to be seen, heard, and understood.  It’s up to you if you want to go there.  The dark is where everything beautiful ever takes place.  Reality?  There’s dark with the light.  There’s good and bad—same concept.  Play in the dark. It’s worth it.
  8. You can force other people to heal: You cannot save anyone.  Anybody that believes that they can save people is a stage called the wounded healer.  Where they feel guilty and feel everyone’s pain.  So they attempt to give, give, give until it hurts them.  I had this chick post on my Facebook comment, I was trying to make you aware. That statement alone, is enough to know that she thinks she’s saving the world.  In reality, she needs a little more work. There’s nothing wrong with being here.  You can’t force people to awaken; you can’t force people to heal.
  9. Energy work is all you need: Energy work is like taking medication. It still only band-aids the symptoms.  The whole point of energy work is to help you enough to make the needed changes to turn your life around and heal further.  It’s not the answer to healing from trauma.  You must use a combination of things.  The small things that you do every day will help you heal.  Yes, energy work is amazing, but it’s only part of the solution. 
  10. You must work with someone to be healed: You don’t have to work with anyone: therapist, coach, or the like.  You can do all the work on your own.  Will you need guidance? Yes, but you can make this as “cheap” as possible.  Investing in books, free courses, etc.  Does working with someone help? Yes. It will also make the process a lot quicker.  However, if you’re not in a position to do that, you can do the work on your own.  I did a ton of work on my own.  In fact, I spent 2 years healing before I worked with someone.  It’s possible to do the work on your own.

I love that our society is shifting towards a whole human approach to unlearning, changing, and healing trauma.  I think it’s great that we’ve gravitated towards lightworkers and the like.  However, I’m tired of women coming to me and telling me these lies that they have been fed because lightworkers are selling their programs.  It breaks my heart.

There’s nothing wrong with what they do.  I just refuse to continue to allow the lies to be fed to people who are genuinely looking to heal from trauma.  Who truly need real help.

You can heal.  Healing isn’t always beautiful but 100% possible. You can start the journey now on your own without investing.

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