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The Motherhood Journey

Single Mom: The One Thing that Saved Me During My Transition into Motherhood

Join the journey of motherhood with Angela, the founder of AsFreeAsYouSee.com, as she learns to become a single mother, recover, heal and find her identity in being a mom and a woman. In this blog learn the one thing that can help you during your transition as new mommy.

Dealing with Trauma

Recovery: The Importance of Your Child Self

In this self-help recovery blog learn 5 reasons why your child self is so important to the recovery and healing process from childhood sexual abuse.


Journal Prompts: Facing Denial

In this blog download the 30 journal prompts and start facing and dealing with your denial one entry at a time. We all have tendencies to deny our responsibility. Check yours with one entry at a time. Read, download, and let your transformation begin.