is a virtual center with the mission of empowering, inspiring, and supporting women all over the planet to let go of their past and beautifully transform into the present.

We believe positive change is possible and there is no better time like the present to do so.

But sometimes change is hard and one great rollercoaster of a journey.

Ever felt like any of these…

No matter how much you achieve there is still something missing?

No matter how much you might seem like you have “it” all together, on the inside you’re screaming save me?

Always feel like you’re searching for the next big thing?

You tell yourself things that are destructive and could possibly institutionalize you?

You’ve buried all your emotions from the past in fear you might feel that exact same way today?

You have uncontrollable anger and outburst towards people and situations? And you can’t explain why? And if you can explain why, you’re pretty sure it’s just a cover?

You can’t seem to let go of the past and have a hard time forgiving people and yourself?

You can’t look at yourself in the mirror without saying anything negative?

You procrastinate because of doubt and fear?

You make excuses about why you haven’t taken care of yourself in awhile?

Depression and anxiety are immediate go to emotions?

You want to make positive changes and have no idea what to do?

You’re sick of the drama?

You’re sick of not feeling like you’re enough?

You’re sick of feeling like you don’t know who you are anymore?

You’re sick of the self-sabotage?

You’re sick of attracting and being in the wrong friendships? Sick of attracting and being with the wrong partner?

All you want is peace and freedom within yourself but what does that even mean? And is that possible?

If you have felt this way, it’s okay.  It’s completely normal.

The reality is…

Being a woman with a tough past that still lingers over everything is hard to deal with.  Most of time you hate yourself for allowing those past behaviors and choices but you wish you could go back there to relive all the best moments.  Even though there is so much pain from the past the good moments were your best moments. Although you might not live that way or do those things anymore the numb autopilot feeling is old and causes more downs than ups.  And it’s like no matter what you do to try to change nothing ever truly happens.  Because you’re still looking for “it”.

I believe we have felt like this before- even if we can’t quite explain it or understand it.

The journey of change isn’t quite so beautiful as some like to portray that it is.  It’s a battle that causes a lot of questions, a lot of emotions, and a lot of uncertainty.  And a lot of kicking our feet, stomping the ground and screaming at the top of our lungs wishing we didn’t decide to do this in the first place.

And this is how can help you get past those fits to a more beautiful state…

Videos: On topics that get asked by you and others with their struggles on their change journey.

Blogs: Published regularly with how tos, answers to struggles, tips and tricks, things to try, and so much more.

Masterclasses: Pre-recorded classes to help you with major struggles like forgiveness and recovering from sexual abuse.

One pagers: Printables to help you get through rough days, on track, and so much more.

Workbooks: To help you get a deeper dive and more engaged with your journey of change.

E-books: To provide in-depth information on truly making changes.

Book Reviews: To provide outside resources and more information to help you through change all in one spot.

Facebook Page: Tidbits of inspiration and positivity to feel your feed.

Coming Soon: Courses, Membership, physical products (journals, mugs etc.)


Features of the Month

Each month there will be different information resources that will help you bring your change journey to the next level. Click on each now! And let the transforming begin!

The Blog

Title picture: 5 Simple Ways to Deal w/ Holiday Stress

The holidays seem to cause so much stress that we lose sight of what truly matters.  Learn 5 simple ways to stress less during the holidays.  Learn to get that quality you time in for self-care and learn to get grateful for all the memories during the holidays. 

The Printable

mock up: 30 Journal Entries to help you deal with your past

30 Journal Entries that will help you deal with your past. Write away your triggers, pain, and dive into forgiveness with these journal entries.  It will help you let go of the past for a happier and peaceful present!

The Video 

Title Pic: 3 Ways to stress Less

Stress can be the worst but there are ways to control it.  And this all about non-physical ways to control stress!